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Days of Our Lives' Marci Miller Explains Abigail's Reaction to "Heart-Wrenching" News

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Days of Our Lives star Marci Miller (Abigail) is opening up about her character's latest dilemma. Abigail's newly-discovered half-sister, Gwen (Emily O'Brien), is pregnant by her husband, Chad (Billy Flynn)! Miller told Soap Hub about what this latest development might mean for the DiMera marriage.

How Gwen proceeds with the baby  will change everything. Miller teased:

It’s going to happen and how that plays out is going to affect Abigail. It’s so heart-wrenching for Abigail because she doesn’t deserve it. She doesn’t deserve one piece of it, but here she is.

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Abigail is also mad as hell, she added:

And what does vengeance look like? What does revenge look like? And does that make you feel any better? I don’t know. Abigail has got a lot of things to think about, but at that moment, she’s really decimated.

This latest twist might affect a potential reunion. Miller explained:

Can she really sit by and watch her husband raise a child with her half-sister who tried to ruin her life? [This revelation] is not necessarily something that brings Chad and Abigail together. It just raises more question marks. It elongates the distance between them a little bit. It’s like, OK. We thought we were a quarter of a mile from each other. Now, this happens and we’re a mile and a quarter from each other.