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Perkie's Observations: Ava and Laura Work Together to Protect Nikolas on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 9, 2021
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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West

On today's General Hospital recap: Ava's concerned that Nikolas is getting involved with Laura's new brothers. She feels he should stay out of it, but Nikolas says he needs to guarantee Alexis' safety. 

Nikolas meets with Martin to find out where Florence is. He explains what happened to Alexis and Martin says he knows about her sentence. Martin realizes that Cyrus made Nikolas an offer. Nikolas thinks there's a way to get Martin back into Laura's good graces and keep Florence away from Cyrus. Martin admits that he's seen Florence and she was happy. He says he wasn't told where she was moved this time, but mentions Vermont.

Scotty tells Laura that Peter killed Franco, not Jason. Scotty explains how much he knows, but Laura worries that Liesl isn't a reliable source.

Laura talks to Ava about the weird gifts she's been getting and doesn't believe Ryan is behind it. Ava disagrees, thinking anything is possible when it comes to Ryan. Laura wants Ava's help in stopping Nikolas from getting involved with Cyrus.

Ava admits to Laura she's also concerned that Cyrus will want more from Nikolas than just Alexis' protection. Laura wants help in stopping Nikolas from making a mistake.

Ava goes back to Nikolas, who tells her he may have a lead on where Florence is. Laura gets flowers, presumably from Spencer.

Valentin and Anna remind us it's up to them to stop Peter, and keep them and Maxie safe.

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Peter shows up and complains that Liesl says he killed Franco. Valentin reminds Peter that he confessed to him, but Peter denies killing anyone. Peter says they don't have to be enemies and warns them it's in their best interest to start fresh. Valentin says Peter needs to turn himself in and serve a sentence, but Peter refuses.

Carly visits Jason in Pentonville to update him and announce she's determined to get him out. Jason says she needs to wait, but Carly worries they're on their own without Sonny's protection. Carly thinks they should give Florence back, but Jason says she's the only leverage they have.

Jax takes Joss to the hospital after she sprains her ankle playing volleyball. Joss tells Jax she's waitlisted for PCU and now she needs to work harder to prove herself. Joss is upset when she's told she can't play volleyball for the next two weeks.

Carly tells Liz she saw Jason and he appreciated his visit with Jake. Carly tells Liz to think about what she saw that night and tell the police she made a mistake.

Scotty pays Jason a visit to say he knows he didn't kill Franco. Scotty offers his help to Jason if he needs it. Jason tells Scotty to look after Jake. Jason says Peter's luck is about to run out.

Chase's family gathers for a family dinner to discuss their future. Chase says he's trying to move on, but it's not easy. Jackie asks if they will remain a family or go their separate ways. Gregory just wants them to get along and move forward.

Peter meets with a waiter and gives him a vial of something and tells him to make sure it ends up in Finn's coffee. The cups get moved around so it's not known which of the group ends up with the poison.

Anna summons Peter back to the house where Valentin has a gun.

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