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Perkie's Observations: Britt and Maxie Conspire to Hide Her Baby on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 12, 2021
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Britt Westbourne, General Hospital

Kelly Thiebaud

On today's General Hospital recap: Chase feels sick after the family lunch, but promises Finn he'll let him know if things get worse. After Finn leaves, Chase's fever ramps up and he dreams about Willow.

Peter scoffs at Valentin's little gun, but it's Anna who stun-guns him while Valentin ties his hands. Anna says she's going to protect Maxie and refuses to listen when Peter tries to talk his way out of it.

Finn shows up, so Valentin ties Peter up in the basement. Finn tells Anna that Chase is his son and Peter spread it all over the Invader. Finn finds Peter's wallet on the floor, but Anna lies and says he's not there. Anna promises they're doing everything they can to stop Peter. Valentin and Anna continue their plan against Peter, but he warns them if they go through with it, someone they love will die.

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Britt and Maxie continue to put Operation Fool Peter into practice. Britt can't believe that Maxie's planning on giving the baby to Spinelli. She says the baby needs to be untraceable and Spinelli and Robin will be the first place Peter looks.

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Britt says she'll find someone to take the baby far from Port Charles and Maxie won't know. Maxie worries that Peter will come after Britt, but she's ready to die for the baby.

Jordan stops by to talk to Curtis and gets all flirty with him. Curtis brings up Taggert and how he and Jordan have a past. Curtis wants a divorce because their marriage can't withstand the secrets. The two share one last dance.

Taggert's at the hospital for a checkup, and he and Portia make small talk about Trina, Jordan and Curtis. Taggert says he knows Portia cheated on him with Curtis, which she admits. The two forgive each other for their part in their failed marriage. (And now we're ready for all the partners to switch places.)

Michael tells Willow he broke up with Sasha and he has feelings for Willow. Willow admits her feelings for Chase have changed and she wants Michael. The two make out and have sex like Covid doesn't exist. (I'm not allowed to have my NAva nookie because of Covid, but I have to sit through endless hours of Millow mildew? Blech!)

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