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WATCH: Jerry Springer Explains Appeal of "Controversy" on Courtroom TV

Judge Jerry

Celebrating his newly-renewed courtroom show, Judge Jerry, daytime TV mainstay Jerry Springer is opening up. He spoke to TV Insider about the genre's appeal, why he's the right man to bang the gavel, and which cases have stood out to him over the years.

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What about court shows proves interesting to viewers year over year? Springer shared:

Well, I think people are always interested in drama. We’re social beings and if there's a controversy going on, we love paying attention to it. 

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And what makes Springer a fit for judge's robes? He dished:

.[..]I guess because I’ve been on television a long time and in my other show, the crazy show, I’ve been dealing with people's drama quite a bit, and I’m a lawyer, so I guess it’s a natural fit. 

He also explained which cases stick out to him the most: family ones. Springer added:

You've got to think twice before you file suit against someone in your own family, and honestly, those are the most difficult ones.

Watch the full interview below.