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Perkie's Observations: Anna and Valentin Offer to Ditch Their Plan to Save Chase on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 14, 2021
Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Anna gets back to the basement. She tells Valentin that Finn told her that Chase is sick. He wonders if Peter is behind it. Peter mocks them when he finds out that someone is sick. Anna tries to call Finn. Peter brings up Sean and Tiffany, who were poisoned by Faison.

Peter says he's created his own toxin and Chase will need the antidote from him. Peter says he wants them to stay out of his way with Maxie. He says if Chase dies, it will be on their hands. Valentin accuses Peter of never taking responsibility for his actions.

Jackie complains to Finn about the Invader article and how she can't do anything against Peter.

Willow gets Chase back to the couch, and after taking his temperature, decides to take him to the hospital. Willow calls Anna, who heads over to GH. Portia examines Chase, and tells Finn and Jackie he doesn't have food poisoning or the flu.

Jackie thanks Willow for bringing Chase in and tells her how happy she is the two are back together. Willow tries to say otherwise, but Jackie lays it on thick how happy Chase is to be with her.

Jax stops by to see Michael, and the two discuss Carly and Nina. Jax hopes Nina can be in Wiley's life. Michael claims he's worried about Nina's feelings about Nelle and how it's not healthy for Wiley. Jax reminds Michael he's had to live with Sonny as Josslyn's stepfather and it's not too much to ask for Carly to get along with Nina. Michael agrees to talk to Willow about letting Nina back in.

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Nina tells Sonny that Elijah is taking her sightseeing, which doesn't sit right with Sonny. Elijah shows up, and he and Sonny get into a pissing contest that Nina is forced to referee. Jax calls Nina.

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Ned finds Brook Lynn and Dante at the mansion, and tells them he's about to win Olivia back. He says he wants to propose again and shows them a giant ring. Both Brook Lynn and Dante disagree with his plan.

Dante tells Ned he needs to be the man Olivia can trust again. He says Ned needs to earn his place back in his mother's life. Ned promises to do what he can to regain Olivia's trust all over again.

Robert wonders why Olivia is still living at the mansion if she and Ned are no longer together. Robert says he'll stand by her no matter what she decides. Brook Lynn walks in and spots Robert with his hand on Olivia's, and calls them out. Olivia denies anything's going on between her and Robert.

Anna checks on Chase's condition with Finn. Finn tells her they don't know what's wrong with Chase. Anna calls Valentin, who brings Peter to the hospital. Anna promises they'll stay out of Peter's life in exchange for the antidote, but Peter refuses.

Portia and Finn update Jackie that they're giving Chase medication, but admit they don't know what's wrong with him.

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