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Kevin Spirtas Discusses Possible Days of Our Lives Return

Kevin Spirtas

Kevin Spirtas (ex-Dr. Craig Wesley, Days of Our Lives) is open to a return to Salem. Spirtas shared his thoughts on passing of Michael Slade, co-creator of digital series After Forever with Spirtas and the dastardly doc's possible future schemes with Michael Fairman TV.

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Of Slade's work on the new After Forever special called Riley's Unforgettable School Project, Spirtas mused:

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Michael was really hit hard with cancer – to stay healthy was so challenging for him. Sadly, he didn’t make it to see the final edit of the special, and he died four days before we launched, but he had seen the cuts before that and was very approving of it, and had made some decisions, and offered some suggestions, and if God gives him an Emmy for this, it’s not because he died. It’s because it’s great work.

Asked if he'd come back to DAYS, Spirtas responded with a resounding "hell yes"! What might Craig be up to now? He speculated:

When Craig was first on the canvas in Salem, there was a lot of mustache twirling and a lot of hand wringing. He was always plotting; most of the time with Nancy [Patrika Darbo]. It was kind of this high drama, evil villain storyline being told, but when the writers created an opportunity for us to be on after those first three months by bringing on Chloe [Nadia Bjorlin] without a father, there was something real about it. It may have been told under the construct of soap opera storytelling, but there was a reality-based story about, 'You have a daughter, and we are just now finding out about it?' Then, finding a cure to her health was another realistic story, and finding out that Craig was her real father. Anything that’s reality based is what I’m getting to. I would welcome any job that brings me back and gives me an opportunity to dive into something real.

Would he be interested in playing a gay character on daytime? He said:

I’d have no problem with that. Do you know anybody who is starting that? Let’s do it! (Laughs) First of all, there’s nothing to hide anymore. There’s nothing to pretend you’re not anymore. I would think that bringing in a storyline that deals with anything outside the norm that we are used to seeing would be interesting. How many times can you retell a story? How many times can you set the same story up with another couple? So, why not be diverse and have a stylized story being told through the lens of a gay person.