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WATCH: Are Chase and Willow Really Over? GH's Josh Swickard Explains

Josh Swickard, Katelyn MacMullen

It just isn't a good week for Det. Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) on General Hospital. He's trying to deal with the "new normal" of his life, being that his brother Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) is actually his father by sitting through an awkward family dinner attended by his mom Jackie (Kim Delaney) and the grandfather he thought was his dad, Gregory (Gregory Harrison). The poor lad gets poisoned just as he's holding out hope Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) and he can make a go of things but is clueless as to his ex deciding she wants to be with his former bestie Michael (Chad Duell) instead. 

Is it really the end of the road for Chase and Willow? Swickard spoke with TV Insider to give fans a little taste of what's coming up and teased,

They have such a history they have such a past in an I feel like there's something that you know will be there that they can't ignore but so much has happened at the same time. So to be honest I don't know exactly where the writers are going which is even more exciting for me because it turns me into a fan of when I get a new script I'm like, 'Which which direction are they are they throwing Chase' you know? But it's a it's an interesting time because we know there could be someone else that he may have had a connection with and is and but also you know Willow’s there for him right now and does that mean that they're gonna go back into you know something that that flows.

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Watch what Swickard has to say about Chase being the recipient of Peter's (Wes Ramsey) poisoning below.