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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Dead Vinny Pays Liam a Haunting Visit (WATCH)

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for April 14, 2021
Scott Clifton, Joe LoCicero

Scott Clifton, Joe LoCicero

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: We’re back in Bill’s living room and Liam is reminding Bill that some things are really out of his control. Bill does not agree at all. Bill also thinks Liam would do the same for his kids that he is doing for him. Bill has a conference call and wants to reschedule. Bill looks skeptical, but Liam sort of promises that he won’t go to the police or contact anyone. 

Liam collapses on the sofa and thinks back on the events of the prior evening (yes, it's only been one night) that turned Vinny into a speed bump. Just then, the room grows dark and there is Vinny - The speed bump lives!

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Vinny wants to know why he was turned into human roadkill and left to die. Liam stumbles and stammers saying he wanted to go back for him. Dead Vinny is unwell with Liam because he didn’t care and he just drove away. Liam comes to standing in the same place Dead Vinny left him.

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Uh oh, it’s not over! There’s Dead Vinny standing behind Liam in the mirror’s reflection as if he had uttered “Candyman” three times! 

It appears that Liam has actually awakened after a bit of a squealing fit. Again, Liam looks unwell. 

Is Liam losing his grasp on reality? Will Dead Vinny make more appearances? Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

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