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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Digs Up Dirt on Elijah on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 15, 2021
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Sasha questions why Brando is working for Cyrus. Brando admits that Cyrus is blackmailing him about Dev. Brando explains how Dev came to be his son and that Gladys told Cyrus the truth. Brando is determined to bring Cyrus down and is thankful that Sasha survived her ordeal with him. The two have Covid sex in his car (Seriously show? Yesterday we're forced to sit through 20 minutes of full on vanilla Millow sex and today we have a Covid kiss and a sweaty hand in a window between Brasha, who have way more chemistry than Millow??)

Dante hangs out with Michael and talks about how he's feeling better. Michael asks if Dante plans on going back to the PCPD and Dante says he's considering it. Michael admits to Dante he loves Willow and that they're back together. Dante lays it on thick how wonderful Millow are together.

Gregory shows up at the hospital to check up on Chase. Finn updates Chase there is no obvious infection, but they're keeping him for observation. Gregory is thrilled that Willow is there for Chase, while she looks guilty.

Chase asks Willow what she wanted to talk to him about. Willow takes his hand to talk when Chase realizes he can't feel his hands or feet. Finn checks him out and says there could be an underlying condition. Finn wants to run more tests. Willow leaves a voicemail for Michael, who's too busy with Dante to notice.

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Jax wants to visit Nina and talk to her in person. Nina doesn't want to speak to him. When Jax insists, Phyllis overhears and takes the phone.

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Sonny complains to Phyllis about Elijah, then makes a call to check up on his past. Sonny finds out that Elijah embezzled from his last employer.

Elijah takes Nina on a visit around town. She says it will be awhile before she can get their town into Crimson. Elijah complains about "Mike" and how he weaseled his way into Phyllis' life.

Josslyn tells Carly she got into PCU, which thrills Carly. Jax stops by to tell Carly about his talk with Michael and how he should reconsider letting Nina back into Wiley's life. Carly complains she can't have that now because she has to deal with Jason. Jax says Jason will be fine, but Carly says Cyrus will kill Jason in prison.

Josslyn interrupts their fight. Carly tells Jax about PCU and Jax is thrilled, telling Josslyn it must make her feel better about getting waitlisted at Southern Coastal.

Carly's upset she didn't know that Josslyn was waitlisted. Josslyn says Carly was already dealing with a lot and admits she's disappointed she was waitlist. Josslyn says she wishes she could put some distance between her and Cameron. Josslyn complains that Cameron blames Jason and asks Carly not to hate him.

Sonny warns Elijah that he is onto him.

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