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Jackée Harry Talks Playing Paulina: "I’m Learning Just By Being on This Show"

Jackée Harry is already a fan favorite as Paulina Price on Days of Our Lives. She spoke to TV Insider about her character, what she's learned in the role, and whether she'll stick around on the soap.

Paulina's storyline sees her attempting to diversify Salem's commercial hub. Harry appreciates that she herself is learning while working. Of Paulina, she commented:

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She’s straightforward and forward-thinking. She definitely has chutzpah, which I have. I’m not afraid of anything. She is really independent, so I’m used to that. I’m learning things I never knew. I didn’t know what BPIOC stood for until the writers wrote it: Black, Indigenous and people of color. I’m learning just by being on this show. I’m watching all the awards shows now where diversity means more than just women. It’s women of color. I love that women are more involved in power-making decisions. I like the fact we can still make decisions and go home and make breakfast or pudding for the baby. That’s the diversity I see.

Meanwhile, more trouble might come her way, since her daughter Chanel (Precious Way) just woke up in bed married to Xander (Paul Telfer)! Harry dished:

I don’t want to give anything away and be fired. You can’t trick me. [Laughs] It’s just great having a storyline with Black people that is so magnanimous. It’s a large idea taking shape.

And is she planning on sticking around in Salem long-term? Harry said:

It’s more we’ll see how it goes. Play as it lays as they say. I’m having a good time. They are being very kind, which is nice.