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Robert Scott Wilson Teases Ben and Ciara's Fight for Love on Days of Our Lives

Robert Scott Wilson

Robert Scott Wilson

Days of Our Lives' Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) is having a rough time right now. He just rescued his presumed-dead wife, Ciara (Victoria Konefal)...but she 's completely forgotten their love story and thinks Ben is still the Necktie Killer! Wilson spoke to Global TV about Ben becoming a Salem staple and what's to come for Cin.

Ciara helped make Ben the man he is today, and the reformed murderer is eager to bring back her memories. Cin fans feel the same way, Wilson shared:

They’re all rooting that he and Ciara have this happy ending. And Ben wants that more than anything. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what happened to your loved one. She was his counterpart, and she was what helped him get to where he is. Having love in his life and somebody believe in him, he’s never had that for himself. She instilled in him the power and the ability to be a better man, a better human.

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Last year, Ben was officially welcomed into the Horton family fold, given a Christmas ornament of his very own. This important moment resonated with Wilson, who dished:

I was really excited that they did that for the fans, because every year, they’d be like, ‘When’s he going to get one?’ Guys, he’s got some work to do. It might be a while before we see him at the Horton family house, hanging ornaments!

Will Ben and Ciara get their happily-ever-after sometime soon, though? Wilson teased:

That’s the love of the game in Salem, man. It’s pulling them apart and making them fight for it!