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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Follows a Trail Straight to Florence on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 16, 2021
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today's General Hospital recap: Sasha and Brando have an awkward morning after until she tells him that she doesn't regret their night of hot car loving. The two get flirty flirty while talking about cars. Gladys shows up and isn't happy to see Sasha hanging around.

Sonny complains to Nina that she doesn't know who Elijah really is. Nina asks whether Sonny wants to find out about his own past and mentions putting him on social media. Sonny, again, says he likes his life now, just where he is. Sonny asks Nina to the local dance, but she says she's going with Elijah. He warns her there are things she doesn't know about him, but Nina points out that Sonny doesn't know anything about himself or her.

Valentin and Anna discuss how they can't tell Finn the truth about Chase's poisoning because Peter will take off with the antidote. (Have either of you two genius super spies heard of truth serum? It works wonders, I hear.) The two talk to Carly. They tell her that Gladys hasn't turned on Cyrus and they're more concerned about Peter. Carly is more worried about Cyrus than Peter since her issue is getting Jason out of Pentonville.

Carly wants to put more pressure on Gladys, but Anna says her forced testimony won't be legal. Carly calls out Anna for keeping quiet about Peter and demands to know how Anna is going to help her. Anna says they're doing nothing about Peter and admits he's taken steps to protect himself. Anna says if Peter figures out that they're after him, someone innocent will die. Anna tells her to back off from Peter, but Carly says she was only working with them because of Jason. Anna says Carly will have blood on her hands if she goes after Peter herself.

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Laura questions Martin about Nikolas and Florence's whereabouts. Martin says Nikolas promised to mend fences between the two of them, but swears he doesn't know where his mother is. Martin also swears he didn't know the truth when he helped Julian. Laura says she knows Cyrus was the one who ultimately gave the order to blow up the pub.

Cyrus arrives in time to overhear, and joins them. Cyrus mentions his mother and how he has someone looking for her. Laura is angry he's using Nikolas. Laura says she didn't agree with Jason taking Florence, but since he has, there hasn't been any violence in town.

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Anna and Valentin run into the brothers, and Anna makes a point to introduce herself to Cyrus. Cyrus asks Martin what he knows about Anna, hoping to be able to use the information.

Nikolas continues his search for Florence by following the Hummingbird cake crumbs. (See what I did there?!) Ava's not happy with Nikolas' involvement, but he's determined to keep Alexis safe.

Ava says Nikolas shouldn't trust Cyrus because he's manipulating him. Nikolas promises he has his eyes open when it comes to Cyrus. The two end up in bed together.

Alexis stays close to her cellmate in the prison yard, even though there are inmates throwing their weight around.

Laura stops by to ask Carly to release Florence before someone gets hurt. Laura says Cyrus is too self-assured. Carly worries that he knows where Florence is. Laura says she thinks Nikolas has figured out her location.
Carly worries this won't help get Jason released and Laura worries that Nikolas is getting in over his head with Cyrus. Carly wants to know how to stop Nikolas.

Nikolas gets word from his people on Florence's whereabouts and Bobbie's involvement. He gets ready to move in. 

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