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Emily O'Brien Teases More Gwen Drama on Days of Our Lives

Emily O'Brien

Days of Our Lives' Emily O'Brien (Gwen) is dealing with tons of on-screen drama. Gwen has just found out she's pregnant by Chad (Billy Flynn), hubby to her newfound half-sister, Abigail (Marci Miller)! O'Brien spoke to TV Watercooler about the fallout from Gwen's schemes and what's to come.

Will Chad soon discover the truth about the baby? O'Brien shared:

Yes! He will! 

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Meanwhile, Gwen has more secrets in her back pocket. O'Brien dished:

Oh, of course! Gwen wouldn’t be Gwen without a secret, right?

Asked if there will be a future romantic pairing for Gwen and mixing it up with others on canvas, she added:

Well… you will get to see some of that, but I won’t be sharing with who! [Laughs] I will say that it’s been pretty fun.

As far working alongside another actor, I feel like I’m in a pretty good mix. I really like working with Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie) and I’ll be working with her a little bit more in the future. She’s so much fun on set to work with. She’s just a crackerjack and she loves to joke during rehearsal. We’re just having a blast!