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Perkie's Observations: Carly Plots to Usurp Cyrus on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 20, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Nikolas gives the order for his men to take the house where Florence is being kept. Carly realizes that Nikolas has found Florence and calls her men to get her out. Carly and Laura head to Wyndemere (breaking all land speed records apparently) to confront Nikolas.

Nikolas gets the call that his men have taken the house. He learns that Bobbie and some of the Corinthos men have been neutralized. Laura wants Nikolas to shut it down before someone is killed trying to extract Florence.

Nikolas says if he doesn't get Florence, then Alexis will be hurt. Laura says she can speak with the warden and get protection in place (and she hasn't already, why?).

Carly begs Nikolas to stop, claiming it's her only leverage against Cyrus. She tells Nikolas if Cyrus gets his mother back, he'll turn Port Charles into a drug den. Nikolas says he can't risk Alexis' life and tells Carly to have her men release Florence.

Anna pays Jason a visit and notices his bruised knuckles. Jason says he can take care of himself and she's not to blame. Anna explains her plan to help Jason is on hold and he realizes it's because of Peter.

Jason deduces that Peter is threatening someone Anna cares about. She says she's trying to fix things, but her hands are tied. Anna says she needs Jason's help in getting Carly to take a step back before she does something stupid.

Anna says she's going to get as much evidence against Peter to send him to prison. Otherwise, she'll do whatever's necessary, even if it means eliminating Peter.

Hilda wants to mess with Alexis, but Steph and her crew show up to save her. Alexis thanks Steph and is surprised at her cryptic comment that she's being paid to help her.

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Alexis tells her cellmate Maggie what happened. Maggie explains that Steph is on Cyrus' payroll. Alexis realizes that Cyrus is protecting her and wonders why. Alexis remembers Nikolas telling her she'll be protected and wonders to herself what Nikolas did.

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Trina wonders why Josslyn is being so hyper. Josslyn admits she's trying to pad her transcripts in hopes that Southern Coastal will take another look at her. Cameron shows up saying he misses Josslyn and the two hug it out.

Cameron says things are rough at home. Then, Josslyn gets angry that Cameron still believes Jason killed Franco. The two argue again about Jason and wonder if this may be the end of their friendship.

Jordan tells Taggert that she and Curtis are getting a divorce. Taggert believes Cyrus is to blame for both their failed marriages.

Trina stops by to see her father. She asks him if he and Jordan were ever a couple when they worked together. Taggert swears he never cheated on Portia and Jordan's just a friend. The two talk about her graduation and Taggert promises to do everything he can to be there.

Cyrus spots Curtis and decides to rub it in that the Ashford marriage is finished. Curtis, in exchange, digs the knife in about Florence's absence. Jordan shows up to break up any tension between them.

Carly calls her people and tells them to give Florence to Nikolas' men. Carly tells Nikolas that Cyrus now knows he can control Nikolas by using Alexis against him.

Laura agrees with Carly and adds how Nikolas is now in debt to Cyrus. Nikolas however, believes that as long as Alexis is protected, he and Cyrus are even. Laura disagrees and says he's made a terrible mistake.

Nikolas thanks Ava for standing by him. She tells him she will stand by him no matter what, even if she disagrees.

Cyrus gets the call and tells Martin that Florence is coming home.

Carly heads to Pentonville to let Jason know that Florence has been returned. Carly tells him they can't wait any longer and need to move now.

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