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WATCH: Anderson Cooper Talks Jeopardy! Guest Gig: "I'm Just Hoping Not to Really Mess It Up"

Anderson Cooper

Journalist Anderson Cooper takes center stage for two weeks as guest host of Jeopardy!. The veteran news anchor did a quick Q&A with the show's official YouTube account to discuss what the gig means to him.

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What's he hoping to bring to the experience? Cooper shared:

I'm just hoping not to really mess it up. It's such a great show and I'm such a fan and there's so many levels to it and I wanted it to be a really good experience for the players, you know. For them, this is an amazing, amazing moment in their lives, and I've been a player. I know what what feels like. So I want this to be good for them and I want to do the best job possible for them.

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Before Alex Trebek passed away, Cooper expressed his admiration for Trebek in a phone chat. Cooper recalled:

He was asking me about some other stuff. But I used it as an opportunity just to say to him how much I appreciated him, and what he had brought to my life and to the life of so many people. So I was really glad I got the chance to do that.

Cooper has competed on the show himself four times, remembering:

To be a contestant, I was so freaked out when I did that. You know, I've done that four times. I lost twice. I lost really badly twice. It's definitely better to win, and I lost to Cheech Marin. And I've got to tell you, to walk into the newsroom the day after you've lost to Cheech Marin, it's painful, but he is an excellent player.

Watch the full chat below.