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Perkie's Observations: Jason Gets a Familiar Cellmate on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 21, 2021
Sean Blakemore

Sean Blakemore

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly updates Jason on Nikolas taking Florence. Jason thinks it might be for the best. Carly notices the bruised knuckles and wonders how long Jason can fight off Cyrus' men.

Carly worries that Cyrus will have Jason killed and she can't let that happen. Jason says she can't change the situation, but she disagrees. Carly says they're doing things her way now. Jason points out all the things that could go wrong, which could blow back on her and her kids. Carly refuses to listen.

Josslyn can't keep having this conversation with Cameron anymore, but refuses to say their friendship is done. Cameron reminds her how he stood by her after Oscar's death, but she won't to do the same for him,

Jax arrives as Cameron storms out. Josslyn complains to Jax about Cameron's anger and selfishness. Jax questions whether she's ready to lose her friendship over something she has no control over. Jax says Cameron is scared and needs Josslyn's understanding more than Jason needs her to defend him. (And that's my line of the day!)

Liz asks Scott to watch the boys since Cameron is MIA. Scott mentions that she needs more help than him and brings up her father. Liz says she and her father aren't close. (Are we possibly getting a Richard Dean Anderson as Jeff Webber visit??)

Cameron gets home and is chewed out by Liz before she leaves for work. Scott talks to Cameron about taking out his anger on Liz, Jake, and Josslyn. Scott says he was not a good guy growing up and doesn't want Cameron to follow the same path.

Finn's impatient with the snail's pace of Chase's test results and takes it out on Portia. Portia thinks Finn needs to back off since he's acting more like a father than a doctor. She says he can't be objective and doesn't want him to make a mistake.

Liz gets to the hospital to find Finn all riled up. He tells her about Chase and his argument with Portia. Liz talks him off the ledge and Finn promises to apologize to Portia.

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Peter wants Anna and Valentin to treat him like an upstanding citizen. Anna reminds him it's in exchange for the antidote, which he has not produced. Peter says she needs to trust him and warns Peter he'll die if Chase dies.

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Peter says he'll give them the antidote in exchange for help with Maxie. He wants to be in the room when his baby is born and wants Anna to intervene on his behalf. Peter shows her the vial, which he claims is the antidote. Anna agrees to help convince Maxie. Peter drops the vial and breaks it before sauntering off.

Michael finds Willow at Chase's bedside. Willow leaves them to talk alone, and Michael tells Chase he broke up with Sasha. Chase wonders if this means he and Willow don't have a chance. Willow tells Michael she didn't tell Chase about them, and neither knows where to go from here.

In Nixon Falls, everyone attends the Firehouse Dance. Elijah and Sonny continue to snipe at each other while trying to win Nina's affections. Sonny warns Elijah he should tell Phyllis the truth about his past. (Is there anyone who gives a crap about this story? I'm trying, but man it's hard.)

Anna tells Finn she knows what's wrong with Chase. (Please, please, please tell me she grew a brain and picked up the broken vial with as much of the liquid as she could.)

Josslyn tells Carly that Jax is going on a small trip. Josslyn calls Cameron and the two agree to continue their friendship.

Carly calls someone to make sure they did what she wanted them to.

Jason gets a new cellmate . . . none other than Shawn. (Is that Carly's doing?)

Jax shows up in Nixon Falls looking for Nina. (Well it's about flippin' time this story might get interesting!)

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