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Perkie's Observations: Shawn Shanks Jason Pentonville Style on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 22, 2021
Steve Burton

Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny keeps complaining to Nina about Elijah and tells her about his embezzlement charges. Elijah interrupts to defend himself. Sonny's not happy when Nina's so accepting. Nina slips up and says Sonny has done his fair share of crap, but walks it back saying he's not in a position to judge people.

Jax questions Phyllis about Nina's whereabouts. Phyllis says Jax isn't respecting Nina's wishes to be left alone. She accuses Jax of breaking Nina's heart. Nina stumbles across them and is upset to see Jax.

Jax tells Nina he loves her and asks not to be shut out. He wants to take her somewhere to talk, but Nina refuses. Nina says Jax doesn't love or respect her, and wants him to leave right now.

Sonny tells Phyllis about Elijah's embezzlement issues. Phyllis admonishes Sonny as it isn't his place to tell her about Elijah's past. Sonny brings up Nina's words about his unknown past, which bothers him. Phyllis defends him, but points out he needs to decide what he wants to know about himself.

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Carly tells Jordan that Florence has been returned. Jordan warns Carly to stay out of her way and let her do her job. Carly asks if Cyrus is about to be arrested. Carly states she's not going to sit on her hands waiting for Jordan to make her move.

Jordan explains how she's been after Cyrus for years, and she and Carly are on the same side on this issue. Jordan says she's going to stop Cyrus and will use the law to do it.

Shawn and Jason make small talk about Sonny and the business. Shawn points out that with Sonny gone, all alliances have shifted. Shawn pulls out a shiv and stabs Jason with it.

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Maxie pays a visit to Nathan's grave. She complains about Peter and how she refused to listen to those around her. Maxie tells Nathan's grave that in order to protect her baby, she will have to give her up. At the same time, Olivia overhears her.

Brook Lynn stops by to see Chase and is thrilled to hear him talk about Willow. Brook Lynn worries when Chase tells her that no one seems to know what's wrong with him. Dante pops in and Chase admits he wants a diagnosis now.

Willow tells Michael about Chase's condition and how she's worried about him. Michael wishes she'd have been able to tell Chase about their feelings. Michael agrees that Chase is the priority and is willing to wait while Willow spends time with Chase.

Willow gets back to Chase and is concerned when she touches his hand and he cries out in pain. Chase lays it on thick that being with her is all that matters.

Anna tells Finn that Peter poisoned Chase. Finn gets angry and wants to retaliate, but Anna stops him. Anna explains that Peter killed Franco and was aiming for Finn with the poison. Anna has the broken vial and says Finn can analyze it to create his own antidote.

Anna warns Finn he can't go to the police and promises to deal with Peter. She believes Peter has more of the antidote and she'll figure out where he's keeping it. Finn gets angry and tells her to stay out of it. He blames her for Chase's sickness.

Shawn calls Carly and tells her that Jason is on his way to the hospital. 

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