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Perkie's Observations: Jax Gets Shot on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 23, 2021
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Drew Cain, General Hospital

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On today's General Hospital recap: Cyrus gloats to Carly that he has his mother back and things will now be different. He lays it on thick that Jason could have been released if Carly had given him Florence.

Britt is surprised when Jason is brought to the hospital with a stab wound. Jason notices that Britt is on edge, and she explains that another teenager overdosed. He notices her trembling hand and covers it with own, promising that things will be okay. Carly walks in and is not amused at the hand holding. 

Britt doesn't understand why Jason was brought to the hospital rather than being treated in prison. Carly feels Jason is safer here since he has allies at GH. Britt tells them the test results of the dead teen appear to be the same drug that Cyrus is trying to push through the hospital.

Jason confronts Carly after Britt leaves. He's not happy about Shawn stabbing him and messing things up. Carly says she did it to help him, but he's not on the same page. Carly says he can escape and hide out until Gladys recants and turns on Peter. Jason is not here for her interference.

Britt gains access to Cyrus' files to get the chemical compound of the drug. She tells Jason it's the same formula that caused the teen to die. Jason realizes that Cyrus is sending his product out onto the streets. When Britt returns to the file, she finds that Cyrus has already blocked her access to it.

Jordan questions Shawn and doesn't believe he hates Jason enough to stab him. Shawn claims Jason came at him and he defended himself. Jordan agrees not to press charges. The two talk about TJ and Jordan says she doesn't regret not telling Shawn he was TJ's father.

Molly tells TJ she'll be joining the DA's office as a junior ADA after graduation. TJ is surprised she doesn't want to be a defense attorney and says the system is broken. TJ says Shawn got a longer sentence than Alexis for the same crime. Molly thinks she can make changes from within.

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Martin is not happy that Florence was returned to Cyrus. He tells Laura that Cyrus won't let him see his mother. The two discuss Cyrus and his need to be in Laura's life. Laura wants nothing to do with Cyrus, but Martin warns her not to shut him out.

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Valentin asks Curtis about Nina. Curtis says he doesn't know where she is and is certain she won't come back until she's ready.

Curtis tells Laura that he and Jordan are getting a divorce. Curtis tells her how happy he is with his new club. Laura updates him on her brother and Cyrus' need to want to be part of her life.

Brook Lynn questions Michael about how things are with Willow. He says she's spending time with Chase. Michael asks about Valentin and doesn't understand why she's using the baby to leverage him.

Valentin and Martin arrive to discuss the baby, and Michael sits in. Brook Lynn says she'll be having the baby in Bensonhurst. Valentin decides he'll be in the hospital with her. Brook Lynn wants nothing to do with that.

Michael takes Brook Lynn aside to ask why she doesn't want Valentin with her at the hospital. Brook Lynn claims she wants time alone with the baby, but Michael convinces her to allow Valentin to be there.

Brook Lynn claims she wants the ELQ shares in exchange for access to the baby. Valentin says he'll see her in court. Michael counters the Quartermaine lawyers will make it a long battle. Valentin offers to give her back her shares, but will sign them over after the baby is born. Brook Lynn agrees.

Someone pulls a gun on Sonny and Phyllis for the raffle ticket money. He and Sonny fight, and Sonny gets his gun.

Jax wants a chance to fix what he broke with Nina. She wants to leave to have their conversation.

Then, a second gunman pulls a gun on them, and he and Jax fight over the weapon. The gun goes off. Jax is shot in the shoulder and passes out. Nina tells Sonny she has to go to the hospital with Jax. Sonny offers to go with her, but she turns him down. Jax wakes up long enough to see Sonny before passing out again. 

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