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Perkie's Observations: Anna Convinces Maxie to See Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 26, 2021
Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Finn analyzes the broken vial and liquid. He tells Anna it's definitely not water, but isn't certain if it's the antidote.

Peter calls Maxie, who lays it on thick that she needs to rest so she's not stressed out. He sends Anna a text, ordering her to help him with Maxie. Anna heads over to Maxie's, who's not thrilled to see her. Anna asks if she's willing to see Peter, but Maxie refuses and tells her to leave. Anna explains it's to save someone else. When Maxie pushes, Anna tells him the truth about Chase's poisoning. Maxie agrees to see Peter, who shows up with flowers in hand.

Liz checks in on Finn, who says he's still trying to figure out Chase's case. Liz mentions Jason being in the hospital and brings up Franco. Finn asks if Liz is having second thoughts. Liz wonders if Jason didn't kill Franco, then who did? Finn remembers Anna telling him that Peter murdered Franco. Finn doesn't say anything to Liz, but reassures her the system will work it out.

Olivia tells Dante she saw Maxie at Nathan's grave and is worried about her. Olivia says Maxie is a lost soul, and Dante can relate. She wants him to reach out to Maxie.

Brook Lynn reaches out to Tracy in search of a baby, then calls grandpa Larry Ashton. Olivia and Dante overhear. Olivia then confronts her about not being serious about motherhood. Brook Lynn says she made a deal with Valentin to get her shares back in exchange for time with the baby.

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Olivia pushes hard about using the baby as leverage and Brook Lynn reminds her that she took care of Leo after he was born. Olivia brings up Maxie multiple times and Brook Lynn wonders why. Olivia says Maxie is making the same sacrifice to save her child from a dangerous man.

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Lenny and Sonny discuss the shooting at the dance. Lenny wonders how 'Mike" would feel if Nina went back to Port Charles with Jax. Sonny says he and Nina are just friends. Sonny doesn't understand why someone would commit a robbery at the dance. Elijah points out to Lenny all the bad things that have happened in town since Sonny showed up.

Nina sits at Jax's bedside and begs for him to wake up and be okay. Nina explains what happened and how he got shot. Jax mentions how life in Port Charles has calmed down since Sonny's death, noting there has been less violence. Jax tells Nina that he swears he saw Sonny after he was shot.

Willow brings Chase a coffee, but his hands don't work properly and he drops it. Chase is frustrated that no one knows what's wrong with him and admits that he's scared.

Finn tells Chase they're dealing with a toxin he was exposed to. Finn says he needs to run more tests to isolate the substance that's affecting him. Willow comforts Chase, promising that Finn will find an answer. Chase starts muttering nonsense about the two of them being married before Chase has a seizure.

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