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Perkie's Observations: Nina Works Overtime to Deflect Jax's Suspicions on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 27, 2021
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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

On today's General Hospital recap: Jax tells Nina he saw Sonny after he was shot, but it's not possible since he's dead. Nina brushes it off, figuring Jax has heard a lot about Sonny via Carly lately and he was on Jax's mind.

Phyllis wants Sonny to visit Jax for Nina's sake, but Sonny's not in a rush to meet him. Phyllis goes in and tells Nina that "Mike" is at the clinic. Nina rushes out to speak with Sonny and tries to convince him to leave.

Jax tells Phyllis he's worried that Nina's hanging out too much on the Pennsylvania side of the river. Phyllis says Nina is happy in Nixon Falls and he should let her feel that way.

Jax wants Nina to return to Port Charles because Michael said she could be a part of Wiley's life.

Olivia tells Brook Lynn she thinks Maxie will lie to Peter and tell him the baby was stillborn. Brook Lynn thanks Olivia for the information and claims she will do right. 

Anna congratulates Peter for besting her and demands the antidote from him. Peter whisper-snarks at her for a bit, then hands her another vial. Anna rushes to the hospital.

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Peter either wants to hire a live-in nurse for Maxie or move back in to help her out. Peter pushes on the nurse issue so someone is with her at all times.

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Finn tells Liz he knows a toxin poisoned Chase, but he can't figure out which one, making it impossible to treat him. Willow calls out for help when Chase has a seizure. Liz and Finn work on Chase, and Finn promises he won't let him die.

Anna gets to the hospital and gives Finn the vial, which he injects into Chase's IV. Chase comes out of his seizure. Finn thanks Anna, but wonders what he'll do if he needs more. Anna promises to get it for him, whatever it takes.

Valentin pays Alexis a visit. She complains about prison life, but is grateful to Nikolas. Alexis figures out that Nikolas is the one who did something to protect her. Valentin tells Alexis about having a baby with Brook Lynn. The two discuss the Davis women and Valentin believes she should let them visit. Alexis finally agrees.

Dante tells Sam that Olivia wants him to help Maxie, but he's worried he'll make things worse because of his PTSD. Sam tells him about her history of toxoplasmosis, where she shot Sonny and dumped him in a pit. (Ah, good times, good times!) She says she had to learn her own judgment again and he needs to do the same.

Sam visits Alexis.

Brook Lynn shows up to speak to Maxie, who's suspicious of her interests. Brook Lynn says they can help each other. 

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