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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn Makes Maxie an Offer She Can't Refuse on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 28, 2021
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Brooke Lynn Quartermaine, General Hospital

Amanda Setton

On today's General Hospital recap: Brook Lynn shows Maxie her fake belly. She explains her idea to use Maxie's baby as hers to help protect the baby. Maxie doesn't like the idea and goes off on a tangent about Peter being a lying liar who lies. Maxie regrets not seeing Peter for who he really is and swears he won't get his hands on the baby.

Brook Lynn promises Valentin will do everything in his power to protect the baby if he believes she's his. Maxie refuses and claims Brook Lynn only cares about the stock and not her. Maxie says she doesn't trust Brook Lynn, but Brook Lynn says she's the only option that Maxie has.

Liz tells Laura she's confused about Jason's part in Franco's death. Laura says she's never believed that Jason killed Franco. Laura reassures her that justice will win out.

Finn tells Chase the toxin is still in his system the treatment he received was only a temporary solution, not a cure. Liz wants to know the contents of the vial that Finn used on Chase. Finn denies giving Chase anything and warns Liz to leave it alone. Later, Finn has Liz transferred to a different floor.

Jax says Nina can be a part of Wiley's life, which confuses her. Jax says he spoke with Michael, but Nina asks about Carly. Jax says Carly has no say, but Michael will come around. Nina doesn't want to get excited over an empty promise and tells Jax to have Michael call her if he fully agrees. Jax asks if Nina is ever coming home. Nina says the longer she stays away from PC the happier she is.

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Michael delivers food to Willow, who admits she's worried about Chase. She also feels guilty for lying to Chase about her feelings for him. Michael says giving Chase hope is the right thing to do. Willow agrees and reminds Michael she loves him. Michael tells about Jax speaking up on Nina's behalf. He says he wants both grandmothers in Wiley's life. Michael says Jax is going to see Nina and he trusts Jax's judgement.

Britt tells Cyrus she's been locked out of the hospital drug records, but Cyrus gives excuses. Cyrus points out that she also shouldn't be spending so much time in Jason's room.

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Jason's not happy with Carly's plan to have him escape from the hospital. Carly says they can't wait until the trial and need to do things her way.

Britt tells them that Cyrus has her locked out of the drugs records and probably knows that they're working together. Jason worries that she's now a target. Carly wants Britt's help in getting Jason out, but he refuses. Carly begs until Britt agrees. Jason warns that her people might be in danger.

Peter crows to Valentin that he's smarter and points to Maxie's turn around as an example.

Scott runs into Liesl and complains she's been avoiding him. Liesl promises that's not the case. Peter spots them together and mocks their mutual losses. Scott grabs Peter and shoves him against the wall, promising to pay him back for killing Franco.

Liesl and Scotty share a drink. Britt calls and warns her mother she needs to lie low and away from her hotel room for a few days. Liesl and Scotty end up together.

Cyrus tells Laura his mother is doing well at her new facility. She congratulates him on the win and wonders why he doesn't use this opportunity to go legitimate. Cyrus says he still wants a relationship with her and wants them to get to know each other. Laura poo-poos that idea, so Cyrus warns her to pick a side.

Peter calls Maxie and gets on her case about hiring a nurse. Maxie says she's taking care of it. Maxie decides to agree to Brook Lynn's plan. She says trusts Brook Lynn with her child and nothing can go wrong. 

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