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Perkie's Observations: Cyrus Wants to Use Nikolas to Get Closer to Laura on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 29, 2021
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Jeff Korber, General Hospital

Jeff Kober

Trina and Cameron bring Joss to the hospital when she re-injures her ankle. Portia sends her for an MRI, then tells Joss she's inches away from tearing her ACL. Portia says Joss won't be playing volleyball for the rest of the season and puts her in a boot.

Joss loses it with Trina, saying she's lost her shot at the best volleyball school in the country. Trina tries to reassure her, but Joss keeps complaining before deciding they should go somewhere. Joss calls Jax and tells Trina he's still in Nixon Falls, and unable to fly home. Joss thinks they should drive there to pick Jax up. The two head out on a road trip.

Ava's worried about Nikolas and believes Cyrus won't let things go now that Florence has been returned. Nikolas promises he won't let Cyrus hurt either of them, then heads out to see Alexis.

Cyrus stops by Wyndemere to see Nikolas, but Ava says he's stepped out. Cyrus says he wants to thank him for helping to return his mother. Ava thinks that's the end of their deal, but Cyrus says he wants a relationship with Laura and her family. Cyrus says family is all that matters. He picks up a photo of Avery and makes veiled statements about her.

Nikolas talks to Alexis and she accuses him of trading favors with Cyrus. She says she's been reassigned to library duty, which is a cushy job. She wants to know what it cost him. Nikolas explains Florence's situation and how he got her back.

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Alexis points out that by bringing Florence back, Cyrus has been unleashed and he'll go after the Corinthos family. She says it puts Kristina in danger. Nikolas says he did it for her, but she points out how he's still in Cyrus' debt. Nikolas says if Cyrus crosses him, he won't win. He feels having Alexis protected is better than the risks. Alexis is appreciative, but still worried.

Carly goes over some business with Brick regarding Jason's escape. He asks about Cyrus and Carly says she has a plan to keep Cyrus busy tonight.

Britt updates Jason that according to Carly's plan, they'll be breaking him out of the hospital tonight. Britt mentions she told Liesl to lie low until things calm down. Jason asks if anyone else could be in danger. Britt mentions Maxie, but figures she'll be safe since she's connected to Peter, who's now buddies with Cyrus.

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Sam brings Danny to see Jason at the hospital. Jason tells Danny he didn't kill Franco. He promises Danny he's innocent and will prove it.

Britt tells Sam that Jason is healing nicely and will be returned to Pentonville tonight. Sam gets suspicious and demands to know from Jason what's really going on. Jason says she shouldn't be involved so she can deny knowing anything. Sam begs him to be careful.

Scotty and Liesl get flirty in public the morning after and Laura is caught by surprise. Laura takes Scotty aside to warn him to be careful with Liesl. Scotty promises Liesl that he'll protect her.

Liesl wants to know why she's in danger. Britt says she's working with Jason, which worries Liesl, who wants them to go on the run. Britt talks her down and says she's capable of taking care of herself and needs to be here for Maxie.

Scotty shows up, announcing to Britt he's there to protect Liesl. Britt's a little grossed out the two are an item. (Who knew Scotty and Liesl would be the best couple of this show!!)

Cameron heard Jason was in hospital and drops by.

Carly tells Laura they've lost their leverage now that Florence has been returned. Carly says Laura is Cyrus' weakness and they can use that to their advantage. Carly wants Laura to give Cyrus the attention he wants. Laura worries about a turf war, but Carly says that's not what she wants. Carly wants Laura to keep Cyrus occupied for a few hours tonight.

Ava heads to Carly's to ask for help with Avery. 

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