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Perkie's Observations: Cyrus Faces a Triple Threat on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 30, 2021
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Ava Jerome, Carly Corinthos, Alexis Davis, General Hospital

Maura West, Laura Wright, Genie Francis

On today's General Hospital recap: Ava explains to Carly and Laura about Cyrus' creepy visit and his veiled threat against Avery. The three argue about who's to blame for unleashing Cyrus. Carly says she'll help Avery, but she won't rescue Ava. Ava says she's not asking for help, she's offering it. Laura agrees that they need to do something as a team.

Joss and Trina run into car trouble on their way to Nixon Falls, and are forced to sit and wait for help. Trina brings up Cameron. Joss mentions they are on opposite sides of Jason being Franco's killer. Trina tells Joss how Dev took her journal and shows Cameron, which upset him. That's all Trina is willing to say on the matter.

Nina tells Sonny she's going to drive Jax home and then come back. Sonny wonders if Jax is worth her time and effort. Elijah shows up and gets into a pissing match about number 34 with Sonny. (I don't care. If I didn't have to add it to this recap I would fast forward these two so fast my fingers would bleed!)

Jax tells Phyllis he's not giving up on Nina because she's worth fighting for. Phyllis wonders if he loves Nina enough to let her go. She says if Nina decides to choose a life in Nixon Falls, then Jax should let her follow it.

Phyllis gets back to the bar to break up the two childish idiots. The two pretend to play nice for her sake.

Nina tells Jax she's willing to drive him back to Port Charles, but he turns her down.

Joss shows up ready to take Jax home. Joss mentions that Trina dropped her off before going to get food. Trina enters The Tano.

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Maggie is surprised to see Alexis working a cushy job in the prison library and warns her that special treatment can put a target on her back. Shawn comes across Alexis and the two make small talk and get reacquainted.

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Liz notices a random new employee and questions Britt. Liz believes they are extra security because of Jason, but Britt thinks it's just a new hire. Neither realizes he's Cyrus' minion sent to keep an eye on Britt.

Liz is also suspicious about why Jason would be brought to the hospital instead of the prison infirmary. Britt thinks Liz came back to work too soon after Franco's death and needs to take a leave of absence. Liz says she needs to work.

Cameron accuses Jason of killing Franco. Jason claims to be innocent, but Cameron's not having it. Britt interrupts, so Cameron takes off. Jason tells Britt that Cameron is safer believing Jason killed Franco rather than knowing that Peter did. Britt mentions that Cyrus is upset with her for spending so much time with Jason. Cyrus' minion updates him.

Jason warns Britt to get an alibi so Cyrus won't realize she helped him escape.

Carly finally agrees to let Ava and Laura help, and tells Ava to invite Cyrus to Wyndemere for dinner. Of course, Carly gives no other information. Ava calls Cyrus and lays it on thick that the dinner will be a family affair.

Ava promises to keep Cyrus busy for as long as she can, so that Carly can do what she has planned. 

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