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Perkie's Observations: Cameron Pops a Cap in Jason's Back on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 3, 2021
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Cameron Webber, General Hospital

William Lipton

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly has Brick and Spinelli ready to spring Jason from the hospital. Jordan comes across Brick and wonders why he's waiting in the hospital garage. Brick spins a tail that Jordan believes. After she leaves, Carly wonders why Jordan chose this night to show up at the hospital.

Carly's orderly comes to take Jason for tests. Just then, Jordan arrives and wonders why Jason's not being sent back to Pentonville tonight. Jordan questions Jason about the stabbing, but he has nothing to say.

Jax demands answers from Joss, who admits she didn't go to the championship because she feels she let her team down. Jax reassures her, but tells her to call Carly. Joss calls her mother, who's not happy to hear that Joss is in Pennsylvania. She tells Jax to get Joss home, now.

Trina enjoys a bowl of pasta at The Tano. Nina calls Sonny and insists he stay in his room, then tells Trina she needs to leave. Nina tells Sonny that she might have a chance with her grandson, but isn't sure if she's willing to put herself out there. Sonny mentions he might be ready to start looking into who he is, but he likes it here.

Finn is surprised to see Britt heading out of the hospital since she's usually at work late. Britt remembers Jason telling her to have an alibi and makes an excuse.

Liz confronts Finn again about what she saw him put in Chase's IV. Finn blows her off again, but Liz says this is causing friction with Britt. Liz pushes, so Finn admits that Chase is being poisoned by Peter. Finn tells Liz that Peter is the one who murdered Franco. Liz realizes that she was wrong about Jason.

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Nikolas is surprised about the dinner party Ava has thrown together. Kevin and Laura arrive first, still curious as to what Carly has planned. Laura says she'll pretend to be as nice as possible.

Martin and Cyrus arrive, and Nikolas lays it on thick how they are all family and should get to know each other better. Cyrus thanks Laura for willing to have them for dinner.

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Martin asks about the renewal of vows, but Ava says they haven't set a date yet. Cyrus mentions Spencer and how he likes to keep tabs on family members, which does not sit well with Nikolas or Laura. Laura gets angry and declares that Cyrus is not their family. Laura says he will always be pitiful and alone. Cyrus leaves, which makes Ava anxious that they didn't keep him busy long enough for Carly's plan.

Britt mistakes Cyrus' minion for one of Carly's men. She tells him they need to be careful, so Cyrus doesn't catch wind of what they have planned. (Rookie mistake, Britt.) The minion updates Cyrus, who tells him to get rid of Britt and make it look like an overdose.

Jordan returns to Jason's room, finds the guard passed out, and calls security that Jason has escaped.

Jason runs to Brick's car, but when he hears that Britt never left the hospital, he goes back in. Jason heads to Britt's office. Cyrus' minions are trying to drug Britt and Jason saves her. Jason and Britt run back to the garage, pursued by a minion with a gun.

Cameron shows up.

Brick and the minion shoot at each other, with Brick taking him down. The minion drops his gun as he falls at Cameron's feet. Jason and Britt make a run for the car.

Cameron picks up the gun, shoots, and hits Jason in the back. Jason and Britt drive off with Brick.

Jordan arrives and pulls her gun on Cameron. (That's not going to look good on college applications!)

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