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Perkie's Observations: Carly Makes a Power Grab For the Top Seat on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 5, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly announces the meeting can begin, but Cyrus complains she wasn't invited. Carly declares that despite Sonnys' death, his organization lives on and she's now at the head of the table.

Cyrus says being Sonny's widow shouldn't automatically give Carly a place of power. Carly tells Cyrus he can leave if he's not happy with things. Mrs. Wu wants to know if Carly is equipped to maintain control of the organization.

Carly says the organization is still being run properly and peacefully with the other families. She accuses Cyrus of being an interloper. Carly says if Cyrus tries to take over anyone's organization, it will be considered an act of war and she'll deal with it swiftly, like Sonny would.

Carly makes it clear she's calling the shots now. Cyrus says Carly is too emotional and he's the better person to run things. He wants to look to the future and the profits for everyone. Carly warns them that Cyrus will take their territories out from under them, something she'll never do. Carly says any action against her family will be met with punishment.

Cyrus gets a call that one of his shipments was destroyed and calls it an act of war. Carly denies any knowledge, but points out that Cyrus' shipment in her territory does qualify as a hostile act. Cyrus claims there's profits for everyone, but Carly points out he's not known for sharing. Mr. Buscema shakes Carly's hand, accepting her as Sonny's replacement, followed by Mr. Novak and Mrs. Wu. Cyrus warns Carly not to get too comfortable.

Britt gets upset when Jason announces he needs to leave to find Carly. He believes Carly's in over her head. Britt explains that he's not ready to run around and worries he'll pass out. Jason realizes he would look too weak to the families now and decides to stay put. Britt tells Jason she owes him for saving her life. She promises that anything he tells her is safe with her.

At the PCPD, Cameron insists he didn't shoot Jason, but only picked up the gun. Cameron's charged with reckless discharge of a firearm and is booked. She says they'll be looking at the security footage. Scotty warns Liz the charge could be raised to assault with a deadly weapon.

Jordan returns telling them they recovered a bloody bullet. It will be tested for Jason's blood and the gun that Cameron found. Jordan interviews Cameron, who admits he doesn't remember picking up the gun. Jordan wonders if Cameron is blocking it out.

Liz confronts Jordan. She tells Liz she needs to do her job and not let her feelings for Liz and the boys get in her way. Jordan tells Liz that Cameron may have blocked out what he did. Liz insists that Cameron didn't shoot Jason.

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Cameron's upset that he's messed things up and thinks Liz doesn't believe him. Liz promises she doesn't believe him to be capable of shooting Jason. Cameron is taken for the gunpowder residue test. (You know, the test no one did on Jason the night Franco was killed.)

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In Nixon Falls, Nina tells Sonny she' s looking at apartment rentals because she wants to stay. Elijah's thrilled with her news. He asks her out for dinner to celebrate, but she turns him down. Sonny complains to Nina that Elijah is a bad person to date. Sonny admits he's jealous. Later, Sonny spots Elijah talking to one of the robbers.

In Port Charles, Joss tells Jax she's worried about Carly because she was distracted when they spoke on the phone. Dante stops by on official police business and if either have been in touch with Carly. He explains about Jason's escape. He asks them to let him know if they get in touch with Carly.

Jax is upset that Carly may have been helping Jason, which could get her in legal trouble. Joss only cares if Carly and Jason are alright.

Carly stays behind after the meeting to get a grip on things. Dante shows up because he heard about the meeting and figured out where to find her. (Look at that, two minutes back on the force, my man's on the ball.) Dante asks if Carly has seen Jason, but she denies it.

Jordan reviews the security footage and tells Scotty and Liz that Jason was hit by a bullet that came from behind Cameron. She's still waiting for the ballistics report, but isn't expecting Cameron's gun to be the one that shot Jason. (So, they're telling us that someone was behind Cameron, but Cameron didn't see or hear them, and that person disappeared before Jordan showed up???)

Liz tells Scotty she knows that Peter is the one who murdered Franco. Scotty says he's known for a few weeks, but didn't feel he should tell Cameron.

Cameron eavesdrops when Liz says she believes Cameron should know that Jason is innocent of murder, but Peter isn't.

Jason hears someone coming up to the cabin and pulls a gun. (The footsteps sounded female to me.)

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