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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Dramatic Entrance Stuns Cyrus on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 4, 2021
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Cary Corinthos, Jeff Korber, General Hospital

Laura Wright, Jeff Kober

On today's General Hospital recap: Jordan orders Cameron to lower the gun. After several tense moments, he does. Jordan places him under arrest, but Cameron protests he didn't do anything. Jordan forces him to understand he needs to shut it, while she reads him his Miranda Rights.

Finn and Liz get to the garage. Cameron swears to his mother he didn't do anything wrong. Jordan explains to Liz that Jason escaped and it looks like he took Britt hostage. She said shots were fired and Cameron was left holding the gun, just as she arrived.

Cameron insists he didn't fire the gun and tries to explain what happened, but Finn tells him to stop talking. Liz calls Scotty, who arrives with Liesl. Liesl asks Liz about Britt. Liz says Cameron saw Jason dragging Britt to the car.

Jason is taken to the safe house where Carly joins them. Britt sends Brick out for medical supplies. Carly insists on knowing what happened and Britt says Jason came back to save her. Jason passes out and Carly natters in his ear that he has to survive.

Britt operates on Jason to remove the bullet. Jason goes into shock and Britt says he needs a blood transfusion right now. Carly offers her blood and Britt performs a transfusion, but says it won't be enough.

Cyrus' minion updates him on Britt and Jason's escape, which angers Cyrus, who kills his minion. (Good help is so hard to find these days.)

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Chase is frustrated and worries that he won't get his life back. He complains to Willow about his condition and says loving her is the only thing that's good. Sasha stops in to check in on Chase.

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Sasha and Willow talk, and Sasha lays it on thick how much she likes that Willow and Chase are back together. Willow looks uncomfortable and doesn't say anything. (I think Katelyn MacMullen is playing this wrong. I think she should be showing Willow is torn between her feelings for both guys, but to me, she just looks annoyed that Chase is sick.)

Mac talks to Dante about returning to the PCPD, but Dante's not sure he's capable. Mac says police work is in their blood and begs him to at least think about it. Jordan calls about the shooting and Dante agrees to join Mac at the hospital.

Dante tells Jordan that Britt's office has been trashed, meaning she put up a fight before being taken. Cyrus arrives to throw his weight around. Liesl listens as he claims he's worried about Britt. Cyrus pretends to be the worried employer to Liesl, but she doesn't buy what he's selling.

Liesl tells Jordan that Britt was concerned about Cyrus. Liesl says she believes Cyrus is behind this mess. Jordan shares this intel with Mac and Dante. Mac wonders if Jason and Britt are actually running for their lives.

Blood is found on the ground. After having it tested, the blood comes back positive as Jason's. Dante wonders about Cameron shooting the gun. Jordan thinks Cameron may have pulled the trigger without realizing it.

Jordan tells Liz and Scotty the blood was Jason's and since Cameron was holding the gun, he'll be taken in and processed.

Cyrus arrives for the meeting of the Five Families. He's ready to take his place at the head of the table. Just then, Carly walks in and declares they can start the meeting . . . now. (Gotta say Laura Wright was working that dress!)

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