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WATCH: Don Diamont and Scott Clifton Talk Liam and Bill's Father-Son Cover-Up

Don Diamont, Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill (Don Diamont) is working overtime to cover Liam (Scott Clifton)'s tracks on The Bold and the Beautiful. After Liam accidentally used Vinny (Joe LoCicero) as a speed bump, the father-son duo are doing their best - despite Liam's guilty hang-ups - to keep the secret under wraps. Diamont and Clifton chatted with Michael Fairman TV about why reactions to the storyline, Bill's state of mind, and more.

Of the plot twist, Clifton shared:

Oh, my God. I was thrilled! I was so excited because it’s a little bit of a distraction from the Hope [Annika Noelle] and Liam...I had been sort of groveling for about three months in a row. And that’s another kind of thing, where you try to make that different every time, but after a while you can’t come up with anything else. So this came at just the right time, and yeah, it sort of shifts the focus of the storyline away from that. And it’s going to allow us to have that storyline, the way that Liam has hurt Hope and all that’s in the background. Like, we didn’t just abandon that; in fact, that’s part of this. So I get to approach that storyline from this new angle, which is like such a gift to me, to be able to do this. 

Diamont explained Bill's fear that the cops wouldn't believe Liam accidentally hit Vinny. He dished:

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Bill is far from naïve and I think he’s justified in that moment, considering the fact that, oh man, they’re not going to buy this. No matter what he says, they’re not going to buy it, and he could get railroaded right into a prison sentence. So, especially coming from where Bill comes from and the amount of fixing that he’s done over the course of his life, yeah, that’s right in his wheelhouse and I think he’s justified in having that concern for his son.

Diamont added of Bill's approach to Vinny's death:

I think maybe, in our final rehearsal, it was maybe a little more real and, not that we have a lot of time to rehearse but almost no time, but just in a quick line running of it, I said, 'He doesn’t care.' And oftentimes it’s about everybody, every character, having to show a certain amount of humanity always; there’s got to be some amount of virtue. And I really didn’t want there to be any humanity, or if there was any humanity for Bill, the humanity was, this guy screwed over my son, really tried to mess with my son’s life. And yeah, for Bill, no. I don’t feel nothing. I feel nothing. I feel good but he’s gone.

Watch the full interview below.