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Perkie's Observations: Jason and Britt Hit the Road on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 6, 2021
Steve Burton, Kelly Thiebaud

Steve Burton, Kelly Thiebaud

On today's General Hospital recap: Jason has his gun ready for whoever is coming into the safe house. It turns out to be Spinelli. (It's ironic that yesterday I thought it sounded like female footsteps!) Spinelli has supplies that Britt needs, including more blood.

Jordan tells Cameron he didn't shoot Jason because he never fired the gun. She warns Cameron he should never have picked up the gun and to be more careful in the future.

Sam heads to the station to ask about Jason's escape. Dante promises they'll bring him in safely, but Sam believes they'll need her help. Sam twists his arm until Dante finally agrees to let her help him. The two agree to share everything they find out. Dante makes a call to summon Spinelli to the station.

Carly heads to Jax's and reassures Joss that she's fine. Carly chastises Joss for ditching the game to head to Pennsylvania. Joss demands to know how Jason is and Carly reassures her of his innocence.

After Joss leaves, Jax demands to know who helped Jason escape. Carly blames Cyrus for everything going wrong, and explains how she had to step in and protect the family. Jax can't believe how far Carly is taking this. Carly says no one else can step in and she has to remain in charge. She says Jax will have to get used to it. Jax insists that Joss stay with him tonight in case of any retaliation. Carly finally bends and agrees, but only as one day at a time.

Trina heads to Jordan to visit with Taggert and questions the boxes lying around. Jordan says she and Curtis are getting a divorce and he's moving out.

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Portia checks in on Curtis, who's working hard to get the club ready for the grand opening. Curtis introduces her to Angela, his new mixologist. The two sample various cocktails that Angela prepares for them. Portia mentions that Curtis is still wearing his wedding ring, so Curtis decides it's time to remove it. Trina arrives and watches from a distance.

Cameron confronts Liz about Franco's murderer. Both Scotty and Liz try to convince Cameron it wasn't Jason. Liz admits there is no proof against Peter, though they know it was him. Cameron's upset that he got it wrong. Liz worries about Cameron. Scotty advises Liz to get professional help for him. Scotty offers to talk to Cameron, but he's already gone. Cameron heads over to see Joss.

Dante tries to get Spinelli to talk, then it's Sam's turn. Spinelli makes a comment about Jason being fine and Sam insists he tell her where Jason is. Dante returns to find Sam has already left and heads out to find her.

Jordan gets to the station and demands that Spinelli talk to her about Jason.

Dante catches up with Sam at the safe house, but everyone is gone.

Jason and Britt are on the move. 

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