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Perkie's Observations: Josslyn Makes Cameron's Apology Difficult on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 7, 2021
Eden McCoy

Eden McCoy

On today's General Hospital recap: Cameron stops over to talk with Joss. He explains Jason's escape and how he could have shot him. Cameron admits he was wrong about everything. Joss says she'd never be able to forgive him had he shot Jason. (Such a wonderful friend that one.)

Cameron doesn't understand why Joss is being such a biatch. He wonders if his apology is too late. Joss says they'll be okay, but he needs to apologize to Jake and Jason. (Because apparently she's in charge of these things. Shut up Joss!)

Liz heads over to Jax's and updates him on what happened with Cameron. Jax blames it all on Sonny, who's still ruining lives. Cameron tells Liz he's worried he's lost his friendship with Joss. (I tell Cameron he hasn't lost anything worthwhile and he should run from SheBeast Junior!)

Dante and Sam find the medical supplies Britt left behind at the safe house. Dante's upset with Sam for not telling him about the safe house. Sam's not happy that Dante's pulling the cop card, especially when he says he has to take her in for questioning.

Robert tells Olivia that Dante is back on the force for this case only. He also mentions that one of Cyrus' cargo ships was destroyed. Robert brings up her marriage and Olivia says she's not sure she can save it.

Dante takes Sam to the station where Robert questions her. Sam invokes her lawyer privileges, then yells at Robert to arrest Peter.

Olivia complains to Dante how he shouldn't have brought Sam in for questioning since it could violate her parole. (Maybe Sam should have thought of that before.) Dante tells Sam he's letting her go so she doesn't get sent back to Pentonville.

Valentin runs into Anna at the hospital. She tells him about Jason's escape. Anna mentions Peter and how they need to keep him alive. She says she told Finn the truth. (Anyone else notice that for the first time during the pandemic, the show is acknowledging it with a sign behind Valentin that read, "Protect Against Covid-19?")

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Anna says she wants to find the creator of the original toxin. She hopes that person will have the cure to save Chase. Anna's confident that Peter's stash is nearby.

Anna makes a call and finds out the scientist is already dead. She tells Valentin there must be fellow scientists involved. (Hey Anna, remember how Liesl was always hanging out with Faison and how she might know something about the poison? Bonus points, Liesl hates Peter too.)

Chase tells Willow he's starting to get the feeling back in his hands. Michael stops in, but leaves to check on the family. Just then, Willow tells him that Jason was shot. Chase sends Willow home to rest.

Chase questions why he can't go home since he's feeling better. Finn gets upset and says it's not safe. Chases pushes but, Finn says he could have another seizure and needs to be watched.

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Brook Lynn meets with Maxie to discuss their plan. Maxie says they're waiting for Britt, but she can't get a hold of her. (Ruh roh!) Peter shows up and Brook Lynn hides. Then, Maxie pretends she's alone and napping.

Peter asks about the live-in nurse. Maxie says she's planning on interviewing someone tomorrow. Peter sneaks a shot of the resume. After he leaves, Maxie calls the hospital. She then tells Brook Lynn that Jason took Britt hostage when he escaped. Maxie worries about their plan if Britt can't help. Peter calls someone to tell them Maxie has picked a nurse, then twirls his tiny mustache.

Carly talks to conscience Sonny about what happened with the Five Families and how she needed to take control. Michael shows up demanding to know what happened with Jason. Carly says he's not part of the business and gives him the bare minimum information.

Willow talks to Michael about not being involved while Chase is in the hospital. She promises that once Chase is better, she'll rip his heart out of his chest, while laughing maniacally as she runs into Michael's boring arms.

Carly tells conscience Sonny that she's ready to be head of the family in every way.

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