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Perkie's Observations: Cyrus Gives Peter a Stern Warning on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 10, 2021
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Jeff Korber, General Hospital

Jeff Kober

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly apologizes to Joss for being MIA the night before. She wants to know why Joss didn't go to the game. She admits she was hiding because of her ankle and regrets not going to support the team. Joss believes she's selfish, and the heavens open and sing hallelujah. Carly reassures her that she's a good person.

Britt and Jason end up in a barn on a nature preserve, owned by the Cassadines. Jason calls Carly to check in and the two biatch about Dante returning to the force.

Carly updates Jason on the meeting with the Five Families. He tells her not to do anything else. Jason says he's at his limit and won't be able to get her out of any trouble.

Carly blames herself for everything, but Joss tries to shift the blame to Jason. Carly admits she was the one who set up Jason's escape. Carly says she can't lose Jason as well as Sonny. Joss tells Carly that no one makes Jason do anything he doesn't want to.

Britt gets angry with Jason for not listening to her medical advice, then storms out. She returns later with coffee, saying he knew she wasn't leaving him for good. Jason admits he's worried about Dante coming back into the picture.

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Sonny apologizes to Nina for coming on too strong last night. He tells her that he saw Elijah with one of the robbers. Sonny says Elijah is bad news and she shouldn't go out with him. Elijah arrives and Nina agrees to have dinner with him. Sonny's less than thrilled, but Nina says she's doing it to find out more information from Elijah. She says she's doing it to protect Phyllis and Lenny, so Sonny agrees.

Brook Lynn reassures Maxie that she'll help her protect the baby from Peter in Britt's absence. Sam stops by and Maxie tells her to reach out to Jason and have Britt come home immediately. Maxie says she needs Britt to run interference with Peter.

Sam offers her services to help her with Peter. Sam says Dante would also like to help, but Maxie feels embarrassed for not listening to him when he warned her about Peter.

Ned apologizes to Brook Lynn for not being in her corner with this pregnancy. He talks about singing to her in utero, and sings for her baby. Olivia overhears and is emotional. Brook Lynn eavesdrops as Ned thanks Olivia for being a good influence on his daughter. He admits that he's excited about being a grandfather.

Peter questions Cyrus about Jason's escape. He concerned that something may happen to Britt. Cyrus warns Peter that Jason will come after both of them.

Peter meets with Maxie's potential nurse before her interview with Maxie and kills her. Peter replaces her with one of his own minions. 

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