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Perkie's Observations: Jordan and Portia Discuss Cameron's White Privilege on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 11, 2021
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Jordan Ashford, General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry

On today's General Hospital recap: Jason wants Britt ready to move on in a few hours, but she feels they're safer where they are. Jason thinks police will connect Britt to Nikolas, then to the barn. Jason says they can't stay anywhere for more than ten hours. Britt feels he needs to give his body time to heal.

Jason says anyone could be after them, including Peter. Britt agrees that Peter will want to shut her up because of everything she knows about him. Jason notices Britt's hand shaking, but she blames it on nerves. He tells her that she can trust him with whatever is going on.

Sam checks in with Carly regarding any tail on her. Carly admits she's protecting everyone against Cyrus. Sam's not happy with Carly for not divulging much about Jason's condition. Sam feels this is too much for Britt to handle, and she needs to go to help Jason. Carly says Sam separated herself from the organization and she can't give her any information.

Maxie interviews Chloe while Peter listens in, and tells Chloe what to say. Maxie likes her answers and is ready to hire her. Chloe makes the mistake of saying the gender of the baby, which Maxie hasn't revealed yet. Chloe covers her slip up, which Maxie accepts. She says she can start working right away.

Finn complains to Anna that he can't do anything to help Chase. Finn says it's hard to duplicate the antidote and they are at Peter's mercy. Chase's temperature rises to 105 degrees, so Finn tells Anna to call Peter for another dose.

Willow and Michael talk about Wiley for the millionth time, which gets them hot, and they make out. Willow breaks it up, saying they shouldn't be making out while Chase is sick. (I don't understand their logic since Chase doesn't know that they're making out, but if it saves me having to watch it, I'm good.)

Dante wonders why Brook Lynn called Britt's phone six times in the past twelve hours. Brook says she wants Britt as her doctor, but Dante points out that won't happen since Britt is with Jason.

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Dante and Michael discuss Jason's escape. Michael says Jason had no choice.

Finn calls Willow to come back to the hospital since Chase has taken a turn for the worse.

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Peter shows up at the hospital with another vial, but takes a few digs at Anna before giving it to her. Finn administers it and lets Willow know when Chase's fever drops. Anna tells Finn she put a tracker on Peter's car in hopes of it leading to the place he keeps the antidote.

Portia runs into Jordan and questions how she is after her encounter with Cameron. Jordan explains how she talked him down and the two discuss how things could have been different if Cameron's skin had been a different color. Portia's frustrated that things haven't changed for the better.

Cameron tells Trina what happened with Jason in the parking garage, and she gets angry with him. Trina says he's lucky he is who he is because if it had been her the result wouldn't have been the same. Trina says Cameron should feel lucky how things turned out for him.

Maxie tells Brook Lynn her plan. Both of them will leave town and meet up in Beechers Corners. Brook Lynn says Britt will be stuck with Jason for a while and unable to deliver. Maxie says she has a plan to bring in someone else, and mentions Bobbie. (Ah come on show, you know this job is tailor made for Liesl.)

Dante gets a call about a lead on Britt. 

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