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Perkie's Observations: Sam Tries to Beat Dante to Jason on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 12, 2021
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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

On today's General Hospital recap: Dante finally showers and shaves before heading to the PCPD to report for duty. Jordan shows him the security footage of Jason's escape and rescue of Britt from Cyrus' minions. It's obvious to them that Jason wasn't kidnapping Britt. Jordan tells Dante to find them.

Britt admits to Jason that she has Huntington's Disease, even though she hasn't officially been tested. She explains about the hand tremors and how they're a big part of the disease. Britt worries about becoming her father. Britt tearfully says no one can help with this disease if she has it.

Sam checks in with Spinelli. She lets him know she's aware of some of Nikolas' property where Jason and Britt may be hiding out. Sam comes across Dante, who's questioning the gas station attendant who sold Britt some medical supplies.

Dante threatens to arrest her for interfering, but Sam offers to help him search. Dante says he doesn't trust her anymore. Sam tells Dante that Jason is innocent and wants to take him somewhere safe. Dante disagrees, but when he gets distracted, Sam lets the air out of his tires and takes off.

Jax and Carly discuss Joss' school choices, and how she has to make a decision. Joss is still upset that Southern Coastal didn't accept her. Jax says choosing a different school is moving forward. Carly gets multiple texts, which distract her. Joss decides she'll accept PCU before storming off.

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Carly doesn't understand why Joss is being so bratty. Jax questions Carly's distractions and says Joss might not be comfortable with her mother running an organized crime business from their home. Carly says she's protecting Joss. Jax says he wants Joss to move in with him until school starts, but Carly disagrees. Carly insists she can protect everyone. He says he doesn't want Joss to be anything like her mother.

Portia and Curtis take a trip down memory lane. They discuss fun times from their past, while an annoyed Trina looks on. Portia brings up what happened in the parking garage. She mentions how things could have turned out differently for Cameron if Jordan hadn't kept her cool. Curtis drops off divorce papers to Jordan.

Ava warns Nikolas not to underestimate Cyrus. Ava spots Trina looking concerned and reaches out. Trina says she feels partly responsible for Curtis and Jordan's divorce. Trina complains about Portia hanging out with Curtis.

Alexis offers her legal help to Shawn, but he says he won't be attending his parole hearing. Shawn says he can't show remorse for a crime that he didn't commit. Alexis doesn't understand why he didn't fight the charge. She says Sonny is dead and Shawn doesn't need to lie for him anymore.

Nikolas arrives for a visit with Alexis.

Jason decides it's time to move on and the two get ready to leave, just as Sam arrives.

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