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Sandra Oh on Grey's Anatomy Return: "I Have Moved On"

Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo

If you are looking for Meredith Grey's (Ellen Pompeo) "person," Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), to appear on Grey's Anatomy, think again. In a recent podcast interview with the Los Angeles Times's "Asian Enough" podcast, Oh was asked if she would ever come back to the fictitious Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, where she played Dr. Cristina Yang from the show's debut in 2005 until 2014. Yang was last seen by fans as the head of a hospital in Switzerland her former beau Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) created.

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Could Yang return? According to Oh, it just isn't in the cards. Oh stated,

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It's very rare, I would say, to be able to see in such a way the impact of a character. In some ways, you do your work as a bubble and you let it go. I left that show, my God, seven years ago almost. So in my mind, it's gone. But for a lot of people, it's still very much alive. And while I understand and I love it, I have moved on.