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WATCH: The View Reacts to Liz Cheney's GOP Leadership Ouster

The View

The View went off on Republicans ousting Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney from her conference chair position after she refused to say the 2020 election was rigged and stolen by former President Donald Trump. On Wednesday's episode, the co-hosts discusses Cheney being removed from her post and shamed the GOP for the move they made.

The women were asked what this means for the state of the country and the party. Longtime host Joy Behar likened Cheney to a saint and stated she,

Is the Joan of Arc standing up to the heretics at this point, and she is very lonely in that position. It’s refreshing to see someone stand up to the QAnon party who is not afraid to lose her job like the rest of those cowards, who are shivering and quivering in the corner. This is just another big lie that they’re perpetuating on the American people.

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Panelist Sara Haines felt that the GOP back Trump because,  

They will sell their souls for political gains. I think it’s really also admirable that Cheney believes that the truth is more important than her role, not just her job, but her leadership. This cause is bigger to her, which I also respect.

Meghan McCain, the lone conservative on the panel, didn't hold back about Cheney's possible replacement, New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, whose voting record is far more moderate than Cheney's. Cheney voted 91 percent of the time with Trump's agenda and policies. McCain accused Stefanik of backing him for clout and was disgusted by most Republicans falling in line with Trump despite what it will do to them. McCain stated,

If you look at numbers and stats, we are bleeding millennials. It’s a joke. The idea that a millennial woman would know that and still continue to double down in this way, I don’t understand it. Power for some people is better than being able to sleep at night. I don’t think she believes what she’s saying. I think she’s doing this for power.

Watch the full discussion below.