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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Is Ready to Take Shawn's Case on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 13, 2021
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Alexis Davis, General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn

On today's General Hospital recap: Sam tells Jason that Dante's not far behind and they need to leave now. Sam has passports for her and Jason to get into Canada. (Why are PC criminals always coming up here?!) She wants to drop Britt off at a bus station.

Sam has all these plans, but Jason says she needs to go back and pretend she never saw them. Sam makes a whole speech about how this isn't her wanting back into his life, but her trying to make sure Danny's father doesn't go back to prison.

Jason points out that if she gets caught, they'll revoke her parole and she'll end up back in prison herself. He says he won't let this spill out on her and the kids. Sam agrees to go back and leaves.

Jason wants Britt to leave as well, but she says she can't go back to Port Charles because her life is in danger from Cyrus. Jason says she can go to the island where she'll be safe. Britt says she owes him and would rather go with him.

Nikolas tells Alexis he's no longer working with Cyrus. Nikolas says he couldn't trust Cyrus to keep her safe, so he bought Pentonville.

Alexis convinces Shawn to go before the parole board. Shawn decides he wants to know who really shot Hayden that day. Nikolas uncomfortably watches.

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Carly is hurt by Jax's words that he doesn't want Joss to be like her. Jax says he's not happy she's turned herself into the target by replacing Sonny. Carly says she's determined to keep her family safe. Jax says with Sonny gone, she was free and doesn't understand why she would do this. Carly says Sonnys' death just makes things more dangerous for her.

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Carly promises it's only temporary until Jason is exonerated. She says Sonny kept the peace all these years, preventing Port Charles from turning into a drug den. Jax worries that she could wind up dead, knowing how her kids need her.

Carly says she learned from Sonny and Jason, and will continue to lead the organization. Jax is not happy with her decision and wants to take Joss away. Carly says Joss is grown up and can make her own decision about where to stay.

Lucy notices that Sasha looking a little peaked. Sasha admits that she's pregnant and Lucy is the first to know. Lucy goes through the list of possible baby daddies . . . Michael, Chase, Valentin, Finn, the postman, the baker, the candlestick maker, but Sasha isn't talking.

Sasha's worried about her job, but Lucy has no problem keeping her involved in Deception and wants to have an entire campaign about motherhood. Sasha says she hasn't told the baby daddy yet.

Brando's not happy with his mother's involvement with Cyrus and warns her about him. He says once Cyrus is finished with her, he'll get rid of her.

Gladys overhears Sasha calling her doctor to ask for anti-nausea medication.

Nina's dressed and ready for her date with Elijah. She reassures Sonny that she's going just to get information on him. On their date, Nina talks about the random robberies in town. Elijah says the robberies happened just after "Mike" showed up. He moves in for a kiss.

Sonny breaks into Elijah's office and the alarm goes off. 

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