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The View's Sunny Hostin Is Now a Novelist

Sunny Hostin, The View

The View panelist Sunny Hostin is turning her talents to fiction. The attorney, journalist, and memoirist has written a novel, Summer on the Bluffs, and spoke about writing the book with The Hollywood Reporter.

Hostin stated that she decided to pen a beach read based on her own interests and experiences. She was inspired to write about beach communities where Black families vacationed during the summer. In Summer on the Bluffs, Hostin created three magnetic heroines who visit their godmother, Ama; when the summer ends, Ama is moving and will give the house to one of the ladies.

Hostin purposely wrote characters of various ages. She explained:

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Why do people think that women turn 50 or, God forbid, 60 and disappear? I wanted to definitely have a romance for a woman over 60 because that does exist. I also wanted to have this sort of intergenerational story because who wouldn’t want a fairy godmother like Ama?

The late author Lawrence Graham, a friend of Hostin's, wrote the book Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class. His work inspired Hostin, who dished:

I wanted to make sure that I addressed that in the book because not a lot of people do get to summer on Martha’s Vineyard, but by the same token, there are people that get to do that. It’s a world I think that Americans should know about because I think they think that African-Americans are like a monolith but there is this bourgeoisie that has been summering on Martha’s vineyard forever.

Emmy winner Hostin observed that she wanted the book to speak to readers of color but also to inspire people to have important discussions She commented:

When I first started in the business in journalism, it was like, ‘it’s just the facts ma’am and don’t ever bring your personal lived experience with you.’ And then Trayvon Martin happened and we see this racial pandemic that still goes on in our country. I just sort of think now, if you do have this lived experience, diversity and diverse perspective, it’s almost your superpower now, whereas before you were frowned upon. So, I’m really pleased to be able to bring this different type of story that just doesn’t exist. But now it does!