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Denise Richards Dishes Shauna Taking the Fall for Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful

Steven Bergman Photography

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Shauna (Denise Richards) is backing up her BFF Quinn (Rena Sofer). When Zoe (Kiara Barnes) spots the same jacket at Forrester Creations that she saw at her ex Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor)'s apartment, Shauna jumps in and takes the fall for Quinn, claiming she hooked up with Carter. 

Richards explained to

She didn’t want to see her best friend lose her marriage. It was really as simple as that. She didn’t even think twice.

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If Quinn's husband Eric (John McCook) finds out about his wife's indiscretions, could he turn to Shauna instead? Richards teased:

She’d love to see her portrait hanging above that fireplace. My father’s girlfriend has watched the show from the beginning, and she told me, ‘Shauna needs her portrait up there!'

A potential Eric-Shauna romance would throw a wrench in Shauna and Quinn's bond. Richards admitted:

Quinn is her best friend. They’ve been very ride-or-die for years, so she’d struggle with that… I hope!