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Ptosha Storey Talks Playing "Complicated" Matriarch Naya on The Young and the Restless

YR Naya and Amanda

Naya (Ptosha Storey) is in the middle of a family affair on The Young and the Restless. Her two surviving daughters, Amanda (Mishael Morgan) and Imani (Leigh-Ann Rose), are not seeing eye to eye. Meanwhile, her father, scheming politician Sutton (Jack Landron), once forced her to give up her babies...and is now on trial for the murder of Naya's husband Richard! 

Storey opened up to Soap Opera Digest about Naya's complicated family history and dynamics. She explained:

That’s the beauty for me of playing this character, trying to find ways that make you feel sympathetic and empathetic to what has happened to her. Now, Naya has to consider this birth child and what she has gone through and is still going through, but then you have another child at home who you’ve raised, who’s the reason you still have to hold your head up. It’s such an interesting conundrum and supports who Naya is, and that’s a complicated and vibrant but troubled woman.

Storey loves working with Morgan, dishing:

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Oh, my goodness, working with Mishael has just been amazing. She is a stellar talent. She was very welcoming, which was wonderful because coming into that environment, where people have worked together for years, could be a little trippy, but Mishael was so beautiful and kind that we just had a connection right away, as if we’ve known each other forever. Working with her on the set is so organic and she actually feels like the daughter I never had. Some of the really lovely emotional things between us happen in the moment because we are in tune with each other and I really love that.

Naya's younger daughter, Imani, isn't the biggest fan of Amanda, which complicates things. Storey noted of her co-stars:

The chemistry with the three of us is wonderful. The conflict of how a mother acts with a daughter she raised versus the daughter she doesn’t really know creates a real fire. This is causing Naya to dig in deep and find out who she really is as a mother and how can she connect with these two daughters so they can all become one family.