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Was Dakota Johnson the Beginning of the End For Ellen?

Dakota Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres

Dakota Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres

Should Dakota Johnson take her victory lap for Ellen DeGeneres ending her daytime talk show? Some seem to think so. When the news broke about DeGeneres' decision to pull the plug on her show, many thought it was due to the allegations of a toxic work environment, something she denies is the reason behind the show ending.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Johnson should take credit for it all. Back in 2019, Johnson called DeGeneres to the carpet whens she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for lying about a birthday invite to her party. DeGeneres poked fun at Johnson for snubbing her, but the Fifty Shades of Grey star fired back, and said DeGeneres rebuffed her. 

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The newspaper claims that fans of Johnson on Twitter want her to take the credit for her alleged role in everything. Yearly Departed executive producer, Bess Kalb tweeted,

The moral of this story is if Dakota Johnson invites you to her birthday party you need to be truthful about that.

New Yorker writer Rachel Smye chimed in as well and tweeted,

 Author Clarkisha Kent joked,

See the other comments below: