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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn and Maxie's Baby Plans Hit a Snag on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 14, 2021
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Brooke Lynn Quartermaine, Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Amanda Setton, Kirsten Storms

Sonny ransacks Elijah's office and uploads software on his computer before police show up. Meanwhile, Elijah wants to kiss Nina, but she puts him off. He gets a call that there's been a break in and the two head to the office.

Carly summons Diane and tells her that she wants her will revised and updated in case something happens to her. Ava drops off Avery for a sleepover, but Carly is curious as to what Ava really wants.

Ava questions how Jason escaped at the same time that she was hosting Cyrus for dinner. Ava knows it was a diversion to get to the Five Families meeting. Ava says they have a common enemy in Cyrus and she's willing to help take him down. Carly says she's just waiting for Jason to be exonerated so he can take over the business again.
Diane warns Carly to be careful with her plans, that the kids need her.

Lucy thanks Brando for getting Sasha to the hospital when she had her heart attack and essentially saving her life. Gladys overhears and Lucy tells her all about Sasha's medical issues. Gladys notices Sasha talking to Cyrus and points it out to Lucy, Lucy confronts Sasha about Cyrus being the baby daddy but Sasha denies it. Gladys congratulates Cyrus on his pending fatherhood. (Good Lord, what is wrong with this woman?)

Valentin stops by to discuss the baby with Brook Lynn who's trying to get out to a meeting with Maxie. She placates him, telling him she knows he'll always protect the baby then sneaks out.

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Maxie and nurse Chloe head to the hospital for an appointment with Dr. Navarro. The two run into Peter, who makes a show of meeting Chloe for the first time.

Brook Lynn meets with Maxie, who gives her the keys to the house in Beechers Corners. The two go over their plan and how they need to keep Peter away from the baby.

Valentin notices that Brook Lynn has taken off and chastises her bodyguard. She returns after her meeting with Maxie. Valentin announces that he, Charlotte, and the bodyguard will be moving in with her.

Peter and Chloe discuss his plan to take Maxie and the baby far away from Port Charles.

Back at the bar, Phyllis questions why Nina is out with Elijah instead of Sonny. She thinks Sonny should make a move for Nina.

Nina lets herself back into Elijah's office and manages to break into his computer with the software that Sonny installed. She's hoping to find incriminating evidence against Elijah. Nina prints out some documents, but Elijah returns before she can get out.

Dr. Navarro tells Maxie that she can induce the baby right now. (Well that puts a wrench in a very well thought out plan!!)