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Cinema Blend Points Out Soap Opera Qualities in Saw Franchise

Saw 3

The latest chapter of the long-running Saw franchise, Spiral, debuted May 14. To celebrate, Cinema Blend is taking a deep dive into how the scary flicks actually contain positively soapy elements.

To start with, the Jigsaw Killer (AKA John Kramer) starts off his descent into evil with a tragedy. In Saw IV, it's revealed that his wife was pregnant, but she miscarried after a series of unfortunate events. So many sudsers have seen a character get pregnant, only to sadly lose their baby, sending them on a downward spiral. 

Soaps also love a good retcon, revising a character's backstory to include someone on the canvas now. Many Saw installments retroactively gave Kramer certain apprentices, people working in cahoots with him to pull off his schemes. 

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Another soap trope in the Saw movies has been the return of long-lost characters. Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) featured in the first flick, then disappeared, only to pop up again in Saw: The Final Chapter.