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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Moves on Up to the Quartermaine Mansion on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 17, 2021
James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

On today's General Hospital recap: Valentin says he's moving in to the mansion to keep an eye on Brook Lynn and protect the baby. Brook Lynn gets angry, but he mentions that she keeps ditching her bodyguard.

Brook Lynn calls out to Michael, who shows up along with Monica, and complains about Valentin's plans. Michael claims he can keep Brook Lynn safe. Monica however, decides she likes the idea so Brook Lynn be safe from Valentin's enemies. Monica tells Valentin that Brook Lynn has the final say. Monica also points out the nursery is bare and Valentin offers to help set it up. Brook Lynn agrees to let him move in. Monica tells Michael that they can keep an eye on Valentin while he's living with them.

Dr. Navarro feels it's best to induce labor on Maxie, based on her current issues. Maxie says she has a live-in nurse who's taking care of her and she's not due for another week. Dr. Navarro makes a good case, but Peter declines the offer.

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Brando wonders why Sasha is so standoffish and worries that the night they slept together may have cost him their friendship. Brando pushes her, but Sasha doesn't want to tell him her news while Cyrus is watching. Brando gets loud, forcing Carly to intervene.

Gladys congratulates Cyrus on his pending fatherhood and claims they are allies since she helped him take Jason out. Gladys complains that Jason may come after her now that he's escaped. Cyrus reassures her. Gladys brings up the baby again and Cyrus insists he's not Sasha's baby daddy.

Carly checks in on Sasha and warns her to stay away from Cyrus and Brando. Sasha says it will be difficult and admits she's carrying Brando's baby. Sasha says she hasn't told Brando yet and Carly says it's probably best if she doesn't.
Carly warns her that Cyrus will be upset when he finds out that Brando got her pregnant since he wants her for himself. Carly says telling everyone that she had a one night stand will save Brando's life.

Cyrus discusses Sasha with Brando and mentions to him that she's pregnant. Cyrus complains that Brando hasn't been pulling his weight. He says he wants Brando to find out who Sasha's baby daddy is so they can have a chat.

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Elijah finds Nina in his office while she's on the phone with Sonny. She pretends she's talking to Phyllis and says she's there to get her lost earring before taking off. Back at The Tano, Sonny's worried that Nina will be a target if Elijah realizes she's checking up on him. Sonny says they're doing things his way now. Sonny and Nina go over Elijah's bank records, which makes for riveting television.

Finn admits to Anna he told Liz the truth that Peter murdered Franco. Anna tells him she reached out to Tiffany and Sean for help.

Liz complains to Finn that Peter sent reporters to her house to bother Cameron about the shooting. Finn wants to confront Peter, but Liz warns him against it. Liz spots Peter and confronts him herself. She warns him if he gets near her family again, she'll get a restraining order against him.

Anna checks in with Maxie, who complains about Peter and his stalker-like behavior. Maxie reminds her the baby is coming soon. Anna says she's making plans to get Maxie out of Port Charles and hidden away from Peter.

Maxie worries that Peter will lose his mind if she suddenly disappears. Anna's hoping this will make Peter start making mistakes, which she'll be able to use against him. Maxie worries about Chase and says she won't make things worse for him.

Peter calls Chloe and tells her that he's pushing up their timeline. He wants to make sure she's ready to help him get Maxie out of Port Charles without anyone knowing.

Anna gets a call from Tiffany that Sean Donely has died.

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