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WATCH: Courtney Hope Opens Up About Family Tragedy and Eating Disorders

Courtney Hope

The Young and the RestlessCourtney Hope (Sally) sat down with General Hospital'Maurice Benard (Sonny) to talk all things mental health for Benard's YouTube show, State of Mind. Benard, on-screen dad to Hope's real-life fiancé, Chad Duell (Michael, GH), opened up with Hope.

Hope recalled:

My brother fell off a cliff when he was probably around 25, 26. He was stargazing and he fell and broke very bone in his body, and he had addiction problems when he was younger, so when he had this accident they put him on painkillers. And so he got addicted to painkillers and then just eventually—they don’t know if it was that or he relapsed with something else, but they found him, and he was 29. And it was really hard for our family.

The actress also shared that she struggled with eating disorders. She explained:

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I did a movie in Bulgaria and I got a parasite, and it slowly started to get worse and worse and worse, where I couldn’t eat literally anything, and I started to get really, really thin. But I was still working out, so I still had my muscle. So everyone was complimenting me and complimenting me on how great I looked and, you know, I was only 19. So at the time I’m like, 'Okay.' I had anxiety; I was on anxiety medication. Thee was a lot of stuff that I felt like I couldn’t control and that was one thing, I was like, 'Well, at least I can look good.'

She stated that she developed anorexia and then bulimia and also over-exercised. Hope added:

I broke my body down, is what I did. I had so many injuries just from over-exercising that that’s where I made a mission to myself. I was like, I'm bound and determined to be heathy and whatever that means for me.

Watch the full interview below.