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What Will The End of Ellen Mean For Daytime?

Last week, the entertainment world was stunned to hear Ellen DeGeneres announce she would be ending her long-running talk show after it was on the air for almost 20 years. While DeGeneres insists she's not ending the show due to the accusations her self-titled gab fest housed a toxic work environment, she maintains she's exiting due to there no longer being a "challenge."

Yahoo! wonders what this could mean for daytime. Nothing really, according to one expect. In an interview with the site, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Professor Elana Levine stated a shift is indeed happening in daytime but not a shift away from talk shows. Levine remarked:

The end of Ellen's show does not necessarily mean that daytime talk shows are going away.

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Levine cited the success of newer talk shows, such as those from Drew Barrymore and Kelly Clarkson

Despite the landscape changing a tad bit, things will remain the same. Levin said:

Throughout its whole history, television has seen changes come — and the changes are usually more gradual than they are drastic — and I think that we're still in the midst of that transition now. But the kind of programs that people are drawn to don't change that drastically over time. People still like to watch a lot of the same kinds of things. We will see those forms change but I don't think that anything will be disappearing any time soon.