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Perkie's Observations: Anna Learns of Sean Donely's Death on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 18, 2021
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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina and Sonny head to Corinth to check out Elijah's real estate deals and possible corruption. Nina's upset the town seems to have lost its charm. The two run into a woman who explains the town has become riddled with crime within the last five years. She says small businesses couldn't handle it and sold out to the mini mall. Sonny says they're having similar problems in Nixon Falls. Sonny spots the man who tried to rob The Tano a few months ago.

Carly tells Diane she found a way to bring Jason home. Carly says she's going to convince Gladys to recant her story. She adds how she learned something that could give her leverage on Gladys. Carly tells Diane that Sasha is pregnant with Brando's baby.

Carly further explains that Cyrus is fixated on Sasha and won't be happy to hear that Brando scored with her when he couldn't. She thinks this puts a target on Brando's back, which they could use on Gladys. Carly summons Gladys to the house.

Jason and Britt end up in a new safe house in Canada. He catches her using his phone, but Britt explains she's trying to call Maxie for an update on her condition. Jason says they're going to stay in one spot for a few days and suggests she see a doctor about her hand. Britt admits she's scared. Jason says he'll go with her so she won't be alone.

Maxie tells Peter she needs to leave town for a few days and spend time in a spa for pregnant mothers. She adds that Sean died and needs some alone time to process. Peter says Chloe will be there with her, but Maxie doesn't want that. Britt manages to call Maxie, who talks in code since Peter is listening in. After, Maxie agrees to let Chloe come with her though she later makes plans to ditch her nurse.

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Anna tells Robert that Sean passed away and his memorial will be tomorrow. Anna says she won't be going because she's worried she may have to leave in case Chase needs another dose. Finn tells her that she has to go. Anna decides she'll let Valentin handle Peter while she goes to the memorial.

Valentin accidentally walks in on Olivia in her bedroom and she loses her marbles. Ned explains to her that Valentin and Charlotte have moved in. Valentin explains he's doing it to protect Brook Lynn.

Anna and Robert head to the Quartermaines to let Monica know about Sean. Valentin offers Anna his condolences. Anna's disappointed that Sean's passing means another dead end to find the antidote for Chase. Anna mentions how she's worried about leaving Chase for the memorial. Valentin offers to keep an eye on things.

Ned thanks Olivia for being around to help guide Brook Lynn through her pregnancy.

Willow's concerned about Chase, but tells Michael she doesn't want to abuse her position to push for more information.

Chase demands answers from Finn, who still doesn't have them. Later, Chase complains about his hospital bills and Finn says he'll pay for everything because it's his fault. Chase insists he will leave against medical advice, but Finn says his life depends on him staying.

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