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Richard Burgi Dishes Ashland Lashing Out on The Young and the Restless

Richard Burgi

Maverick businessman Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) isn't taking any prisoners on The Young and the Restless. When he discovers his wife, Tara (Elizabeth Leiner), cheated on him, all hell breaks loose. Burgi spoke to TV Insider about Ashland's reaction and what's next for the character.

Burgi previewed:

A lot like a woman scorned, I think, men, when they get angry, will go past the part that keeps them in check and keeps them from doing heinous things. He wants people to hurt as much as he is hurting.

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The actor added:

Yes. It’s very confusing to find something out [for sure] that you’ve had a hunch about. It brings a different reality. You have time to temper your response. It doesn’t always make it easy. At this stage of his life, Ashland’s been through a lot. I love the nuances [my character has]. There are various tones, human emotion, and behaviors. Ashland wants to see if he can learn and grow from his mistakes. We’ve shot some great scenes [that are coming up]. You see somebody at their end of having patience.

Is Ashland going to stick around in Genoa City? Burgi dished:

They’ve extended me probably through the summer. After that, we’ll see. It was supposed to be a short run. I’d read for the role of Mike the plumber on Desperate Housewives [which went to James Denton]. Later, I went back and got the role of Karl. I never knew if I were coming back or if I’d be regular on that show. I don’t ask. I’ve spent my whole career like that. I’ve been very blessed.