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Perkie’s Observations: Cyrus Declares Nikolas as His Enemy on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 19, 2021
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Cyrus Renault, General Hospital

Jeff Kober

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly offers to set Gladys up in whatever business she wants in exchange for leaving. Gladys turns her down, saying Carly won't run her out of town. Carly tries to throw her weight around, but Gladys isn't budging. She says she has Cyrus in her corner. Carly counters that Cyrus is using her.

Carly says Cyrus is blackmailing Brando and will do the same with her. Carly warns her that when the truth about Jason comes out, she'll become a liability to Cyrus. Carly tells Gladys about Cyrus' obsession with Sasha and knows she's pregnant with Brando's baby. Carly says she's the only one who can protect them. 

Chase claims he's going crazy in the hospital and wants to go home. Finn insists that Chase needs to be an inpatient. Chase says Finn is no closer to finding out what's wrong with him and he can't live like this. Finn says Chase can't be left alone and Michael offers to have Chase move into the mansion (Geez, at this point, half the town is living at the Quartermaines!!)

Michael tells Willow that Monica was fine with Chase moving in. Willow reminds him that people will assume she and Chase are an item. Willow promises that she'll tell Chase the truth once he's cured.

Britt and Jason see a doctor. She explains about her hand tremors and why she's worried about checking for Huntington markers. The doctor decides to run other tests and the results show that Britt has postural tremors. Britt still worries about Hungtington's, so Jason convinces her to get tested if it will help her move forward. 

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Sonny confronts the man and yells at him while Nina watches on. Sonny warns the guy not to work with Elijah again and if he needs money to come to him. Nina's impressed that Sonny was so helpful. (Good Lord, this story is boring. I can't even muster up the energy to hate it.)

Cyrus drops by to see Laura to complain about the dinner at Wyndemere. He's upset that it wasn't a legitimate meal as a means to bring them closer, but to allow Carly to make her move. Laura reminds him of Lulu's accident. She knows he was responsible and will never accept him as family. Cyrus says her family will no longer have his protection, especially Nikolas and his plans for Pentonville. Cyrus says he's now his enemy. 

Brando confronts Sasha about the pregnancy and demands to know if he's the father. Sasha admits he's the baby daddy and he offers to help her in any way. (It's crazy, these two completely lift right out of the show, but I'm really loving them together.) 

Sasha says they need to protect him from Cyrus, but Brando says he's done with Cyrus. Sasha says Cyrus thinks of her as property and will try and kill Brando when he finds out they slept together. 

Cyrus shows up for a chat.

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