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WATCH: The Talk's Sheryl Underwood Remembers "Mentor" Comic and Writer Paul Mooney

Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood paid tribute to "mentor" and fellow comedian Paul Mooney. Mooney, who was also a writer for sitcoms and sketch comedy shows such as In Living Color and The Chappelle Show, passed away on Monday from a heart attack at the age of 79. On Wednesday's episode of The Talk, Underwood remembered Mooney helping her perfect her craft while on the comedy circuit. 

Underwood recalled:

It was a comic who believed in me, Paul Mooney. And he unfortunately died today of a heart attack. Prolific comic known from the movie, 'Which Way Was Up' but he was also a prolific writer for Richard Pryor, 'Sanford and Son', Dave Chappelle's the 'Chappelle's Show', 'In Living Color,' but he also played Sam Cooke in 'The Buddy Holly Story.' And when you have an icon like a Paul Mooney, say, you can do this or give you comedy notes or something like that, you always remember.

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She added:

The biggest thing I remember was hanging out with him in the New York club Carolines...I did the two earlier shows and he did the later, late night shows and he was just a really great mentor. He really knew the game of comedy inside and out. But he was such a great man and a mentor to a lot of comics out there. And we will miss you so much Paul, but you left us with laughter.

Watch Underwood's touching tribute below.