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Perkie's Observations: Carly Backs Gladys Into a Corner on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for May 20, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Cyrus wants to know about Sasha's baby, but she claims it was a one night stand with an unknown man. Cyrus dismisses Brando and tells Sasha he's drawn to her. Sasha says Cyrus wants what he can't have. Cyrus asks about Brando, but Sasha denies that he's the father and reminds Cyrus he has no business asking. She says he's upset that it wasn't him.

Cyrus pushes Sasha to give up the identity of the man, but Sasha says it was a random pickup. Cyrus says he wants to know so he can make sure the man handles his responsibilities, but Sasha refuses. Sasha rubs it in that her baby's father is young and vital, the complete opposite of Cyrus.

Gladys refuses to believe that Brando and Sasha are a couple. Carly hopes that Cyrus doesn't find out, but Gladys says she already told Cyrus about Sasha's pregnancy. Gladys realizes her mistake.

Brando heads to the Corinthos compound. Carly tells him that his mother has a big mouth. Gladys chastises him for not keeping it in his pants and bad mouths Sasha. Brando tells them that Cyrus confronted them and Sasha protected him.

Carly says Gladys can protect Brando if Cyrus is in prison. Carly wants Gladys to admit that Cyrus paid her to say what she saw the night Franco was murdered. Gladys denies it, but Carly insists she tell the truth before it's too late.

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Dante confronts Sam about slashing his tires and gives her the bill. She scoffs, but he points out that he could arrest her for any number of charges instead. Sam insists her life is now about her kids and he wonders why she would risk that to help Jason escape.

Sam denies knowing anything, but Dante says he found the barn on the nature preserve and saw evidence that Britt and Jason had been there. He says he followed that lead to the Canadian border and alerted the authorities. Sam tells Dante to look for the real killer.

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Dante admits he believes that Jason is innocent of Franco's murder, but is still hunting him down because of laws he's broken to escape. Dante thanks Sam for getting him the treatment he needed. She softens and agrees to pay him for the slashed tires, but he tears up the check after he leaves.

Maggie tells Alexis that she was granted parole thanks to her legal help.

Shawn tells TJ he's going up for parole with legal help from Alexis. Shawn tells TJ that he wasn't the one who shot Hayden and will fight to find out who really did. Shawn talks to Alexis about helping him find the shooter. Alexis wants them to go over what was going on at the time of Hayden's shooting.

Laura tells Nikolas and Ava that Cyrus is now their enemy and why he's angry about Nikolas buying Pentonville. Nikolas swears he's doing it to keep Alexis safe and Laura is happy that he has. Laura says he can use this opportunity to be a leader for prison reform.

Ava brings up that Carly took charge of the Five Families meeting and handed Cyrus his butt. Nikolas is willing to give Cyrus a war if that's what he wants, but Laura says she's determined to fight legally.

Ava says if they present a united front while Carly holds onto the Corinthos side of things, it would isolate Cyrus. Laura worries that will make Cyrus more dangerous.

Carly says Gladys needs to recant her statement and implicate Cyrus. She believes this will send Cyrus back to Pentonville.

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