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Sneak Peek: Sean Donely's Death Leads to a Mystery on General Hospital

General Hospital Spoiler Promo for May 21, 2021
Anna devane, Robin Scorpio, Robert Scorpio, Mac Scorpio, Felicia Jones, Sean Donely, General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Kimberly McCullough, Tristan Rogers, John J. York, Kristina Wagner

Port Charles lost one of its best when Sean Donely passed away this week on General Hospital. The lone ABC soap will pay tribute to actor John Reilly, who died on earlier this year on January 9, at the age of 84.

Look for Robert (Tristan Rogers), Anna (Finola Hughes), Felicia (Kristina Wagner), Mac (John J. York), Robin (Kimberly McCullough), and his real life daughter Caitlin Reilly, to gather to mourn the legendary character, who was a part of the action-packed GH of the 80s and 90s.

Reilly will play the role of Anna, Sean's onscreen daughter with Tiffany, (Sharon Wyatt). During the memorial, Anna warns Sean's peers that someone is picking them off one by one. What's happening to GH's super spies? Tune in tomorrow!

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